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Care Net Pregnancy Centers of Albuquerque have, for decades, been on the battleground in the fight against abortion. With the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and the decision whether or not to permit abortion being turned over to each state, Care Net Centers of Albuquerque now find themselves on the very frontlines. New Mexico, as of this broadcast, permits abortion any time after conception, up to and including during partial birth. The need to support this ministry is greater than ever and their Paula Gonzales (Executive Director) and Jennifer Ward (Community Outreach Director) make that clear. They also remind us of the upcoming 40 Days for Life and how to get involved.

When Ann’s husband was arrested several years ago, she found herself being a single parent and shunned by much of her church community. Since then she’s founded Wings For Life International, ministering to people with family members who are incarcerated or are “returning citizens”.

Founder of Under His Construction Sonia Lia-Cleveland joins us, along with her husband Christ Cleveland, to present details about the ministry of Under His Construction (UHC). UHC purposes to lead others to Christ and disciple them to live a God-glorifying life. Their program equips people both vocationally and biblically to have an impact in their community.

Chuck Harper (General Director) and Jenna Martinez (Administrative Assistant/Radio Operations) of Across Nations (www.acrossnations.cc) bring us up to speed on recent events on the Navajo Nation and upcoming opportunities for ministry. Chuck and Jenna also share some stories of the rich history found by looking into the ministry’s founding.

Paul Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation, provides information for New Mexicans interested in knowing more about $10 million dollars being allocated by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for a new abortion clinic near New Mexico’s southern border, the possibility of New Mexico experiencing the same legislation recently passed in California that would eventually ban the sale of gas-powered cars and how our state is outpacing other states when it comes to welfare recipients. With the upcoming election in November, Paul also compares Gov. Grisham’s ideas on education and economics with those of her opponent on the ballot, Mark Ronchetti.

Kimberly Cordova (Principal) and Edward Varoz (Asst. Principal) of Calvary Christian Academy at Calvary East share information about their enrollment, goals, philosophy and more as part of KLYT’s continued effort in 2022 to provide information about education alternatives for families in New Mexico.

In this visit with Susie Sandager just prior to her next performance in a one-woman show, portraying the holocaust rescuer/survivor Corrie ten Boom, she gives some insight into the inspiration for creating this biographical performance. She also puts on display the compassion and love she has for the Jewish people.