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Josh Jaramillo’s family founded “Expect a Miracle”- a ministry aimed at helping those living lifestyles that have robbed them of joy, freedom, and autonomy. Today, he joins us to talk about this ministry and to share some stories about lives that have been changed through their work.

Tim Steele works to provide couples with tools and resouces to help their marriages thrive. Today, he joins us to talk about the biblical words used to describe love and explains the relevance of these words to marriage. Then, he shares some information about an upcoming “Art of Marriage” event that couples can now check out. Go to www.familylife.com/comingsoon/ for more information!

Elisia Montoya founded “Elisia’s Care”- a nonprofit organization devoted to fighting the Fentanyl epidemic and other drug-related crises. She joins us today to discuss her heart for those ensnared by drug addiction and an upcoming event that “Elisia’s Care” is organizing.