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Jennifer helps us to understand the popular diet programs we see advertised, and she directs our attention to our overall health without a focus on our weight.

After the show today Jennifer sent me some great information to share with everybody:


What Does the Bible Say About Sugar Addiction? – Nourished Nutrition Counseling

How much is too much sugar? I hear it all the time, “But I am addicted to sugar!” Many of us feel that if we tried to cut out sugar, we would fail because of our addition. Speaking as a former addict myself. I can tell you that it is very possible to cut it out even if you feel you are addicted. It is also very possible to at least CONTROL the amount you are consuming.



Ray Mondragon, Engineer and Professor with Chafer Theological Seminary shows us how “unscientific” the theory of evolution really is. Listen as he continues our series “Creation Science vs Evolution.”

The major point Ray made today was to show us the dependence evolution has on the process of cellular mutation.