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John Mugisa is a minister to Uganda. He uses a weekly radio program called “The Power Behind God’s Word” to reach people living in the western region of Uganda. He joins us today to discuss his ministry, cults that also operate in the region, the spread of Islam, and what believers can do to deliver the gospel to unreached people groups.

Stephen Ashton is an adjunct professor at Clarks Summit University and Anchor Christian University, as well as the National Director of Marketing at Trail Life USA. He joins us today to talk about Trail Life and his desire to minister to young men. He also gives some information on some upcoming Trail Life events.

Ray Mondragon of the Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico joins us for his ongoing monthly analysis of the Book of Genesis. Today, he addresses Old Earth Creationist ideas and lays the groundwork for a new sequence of interviews in which he will address the age of the earth in greater detail.