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Author Ace Collins characterizes himself as a storyteller. Today he takes us inside the nativity of over thirty favorite Christmas songs and carols, Ace Collins introduces you to people you’ve never met, stories you’ve never heard, and meanings you’d never have imagined. His book “Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas” is our focus today on ABQ Connect.   Ace has authored 99 books that have sold more than 2.5 million copies for 20 different publishers. For more information on Ace Collins and his books, go to  https://acecollins.com/.

Matt and Toni Moffett have been happily married for over 33 years. Matt shares how he was attracted to Toni when she was his banker. Toni has some fun sharing with us how Jesus became the center of their relationship from the time Matt ask her, “Would you like a ride in my boat?” Wow, what an opening line!  This couple has an increasing love for each other every day. Pastor Matt is the Community Liason for Calvary Church, and Toni serves with the Bible Island children’s ministry at the church.

Archeologists Dr. Steven Collins, and Dr. Gary Byers, join Larissa Lusko on ABQ Connect to tell us “the real Christmas story.” For more information and resources on Bible Education, Theology, Archeology, and more contact Trinity Southwest University at 505-332-4253 or visit their campus located at Trinity Southwest University, 7600 Jefferson NE, Suite 28, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109, USA.

“Being human, we are made for connection,” said Sam Newmon, Director of Cornerstone Lifeworks  Christian Counseling Services. “Our goal is to help people through their pain, so they don’t move into suffering.” The Cornerstone Lifeworks website says, “We have a mission s to help guide individuals, couples, and families into cultivating the quality of life and relationships that they were first intended to have. Sam said, “We want to bring people back to the identity focus of who they are from the Father’s perspective.”

Click on the links to review the backgrounds and qualifications of the counselors at Cornerstone Lifeworks. Their phone number is 505-345-2778.

Brian Cochran answers investment and money management questions from our listeners. Brian is a Certified Financial Planner with John Moore Associates. Click on the links for more information. Brian said, “A financial advisor is most valuable in times of large transition; buying a home; selling a home; loss of a spouse; a new job; retiring; new marriage. All these things that happen in life, it’s these turning points where a good advisor can step in and help you avoid some pitfalls.” Go to https://www.johnmoore.com/ for insights on money management and investing.

Spanish-speaking people worldwide connect with the Bible teaching from Calvary Church and Skip Heitzig through the translation ministry of Meliton Zapien. For over nine years, he has prayerfully and thoughtfully translated English to Spanish for the church. Meliton believes sharing God’s Word in Spanish is his “privilege.” Access the Spanish language teachings from Calvary Church with Meliton Zapien through Calvario Albuquerque Podcast en Español https://calvarynm.church/teachings/#/.

Meliton is an immigrant to the United States from Mexico. He says about America, “This is the country of opportunity.”

Las personas de habla hispana en todo el mundo se conectan con la enseñanza bíblica de Calvary Church y Skip Heitzig a través del ministerio de traducción de Meliton Zapien. Durante más de nueve años, ha traducido del inglés al español para la iglesia, en oración y con cuidado. Meliton cree que compartir la Palabra de Dios en español es su “privilegio”. Acceda a las enseñanzas en español de Calvary Church con Meliton Zapien a través de Calvario Albuquerque Podcast en Español https://calvarynm.church/teachings/#/.

Meliton es un inmigrante a los Estados Unidos de México. Dice sobre Estados Unidos: “Este es el país de las oportunidades”.

“We educate the legacy of our military fighting members that don’t come home or come home wounded,” Colonel James Quick (USAF retired) said. New Mexico Folds Of Honor is part of the National Folds of Honor Foundation. The organization provides educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members. Money raised in New Mexico is used to help New Mexico military families.  James (Jim) Quick is the Director of New Mexico Folds of Honor. For more information, reach him directly at 505-350-3996 or on the web at https://newmexico.foldsofhonor.org/.

David Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. Physicist and Creation Scientist joins Creation Science and Bible Teacher Ray Mondragon to talk about scientific evidence that supports a “young earth.” They believe scientific evidence supports the idea that the earth may be as young as 6000 years old compared to the “old earth” position that the earth is over 4.5 billion years old. The sciences of geology, physics, astronomy, and more are part of our discussion with the Biblical description of Genesis Chapter One in mind.

For more information about creation science, see these websites:

Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico: http://www.csfnm.org/

Answers in Genesis: https://answersingenesis.org/

Institute for Creation Research: https://www.icr.org/

Care Net Pregnancy Centers of Albuquerque provides all of its services for FREE to people who need them! The ministry’s heart is to provide care for women, men, and families dealing with the stress and sometimes “terror” of an unwanted pregnancy. Stephanie Luke is the Executive Director of Care Net. Paula Gonzales is the Community Outreach Director.

If you need support in your own situation or for someone you know, call Care Net at 505.880.0882 or follow the ministry on the web at http://www.carenetabq.org/. 

Listener supported Star-88 Radio (KLYT) is a beautiful story of a ministry reaching New Mexico and the world. Chip Lusko is the General Manager of KNKT and Star-88 (KLYT) Radio in Albuquerque. He said, “Who would have thought that Albuquerque, New Mexico would be the launchpad for an entirely new genre of Christian format Radio?” The vision Chip has for the ministry of Star-88 can be summarized in this one statement. “People that listen to Star will not escape without some exposure to truth. The great truth of Jesus and I am not ashamed of that!”

Help support Star-88 financially. Go online to http://www.star88.fm/ and click on the “Donate” button.