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Jodie Hix of ‘New Mexico for Mercy’ introduces us to Sherry Anderson and Valerie Jameson, two ladies who help us understand what it means to display “Tenacious Love”. The powerful tools they are using to accomplish their goal are a book and documentary film of the same name. Don’t miss this tender story of forgiveness.

November is National Adoption Month. With this in mind, we invited Clay and Michele Schroff, the experts on Adoption and Foster care, into the studio to share their insights along with information about some upcoming opportunities for support.

More than ever threats to our church community must be taken seriously. Hoping for the best and planning for the worst is crucial. Having decades of experience in law enforcement and ministry, Jimmy Meeks shares insight to equip the body of Christ. Joined by the Safety Team Supervisor for Calvary Church, Vince Harrison, Jimmy also let’s us know about an upcoming seminar coming to nearby Rio Rancho.

The Marketing Director for The Education Trust Board of New Mexico, Carolyn Fittipaldi is joined in studio by the CEO and President of both the New Mexico Community Trust and the Albuquerque Community Foundation, Randy Royster. Together they provide the details about a new program, Saving for Success Award which provides up to 50 New Mexico K – 8 students with a 529 Plan valued at $1000.