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Shelley Repp, and Anthony Maez, join Jim in the studio to talk about the fight against Minor Domestic Sex Trafficking. Shelley is the Executive Director of the NM Dream Center. Anthony is  Special Agent In Charge: State Attorney General’s Office. Please visit the New Mexico Attorney General’s website at https://nmag.gov for more information. For more information about the New Mexico Dream Center, go to https://nmdreamcenter.org.

Kathy Scott, Calvary Missionary to Albania, and Calvary Missions Administrator, Alicia Aragon join us in studio to talk about loving people and sharing the hope of Jesus in Albania. Please go to www.Calvary.org and enter “missions” in the search bar to find out more about Kathy and the physical therapy clinic she has opened in Tirana, Albania.

The Executive Vice-President of the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico, John Garcia, talks with Jim about the economy and home building in Central NM. The Home Builders Association has great website tools to help builders and consumers.  For more information go to http://www.hbacnm.com/.