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Paul Gessing is the President of the Rio Grande Foundation. His knowledge of the issues and players in New Mexico politics makes for a lively discussion.  These are just a few of the topics Paul addresses for us on this show with links to the additional information:

  1. How did the primary election affect incumbent Democrats in the State House and Senate? https://errorsofenchantment.com/three-takeaways-from-last-nights-earthquake-in-new-mexicos-legislature/
  2. Were there any surprises with incumbent republicans?
  3. What role did the Rio Grande Foundation play in the House race between Schmedes and White? How about the Senate race between Gallegos and Fulfer?  https://errorsofenchantment.com/rgf-dragged-into-primary-battle-between-senate-district-primary-between-gallegos-and-fulfer/
  4. How did the issues around COVID-19 affect George Floyd?  https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2020/05/28/a-beautiful-spirit-george-floyd-made-new-life-in-minn-but-lost-job-due-to-pandemic/?fbclid=IwAR0XPxc9QY_WBr64SpQynnb1BTJDETnQSk3GMqho_qFnjmAQyGcs9i7XrO0
  5. How do police unions parallels to teacher unions: https://errorsofenchantment.com/time-to-take-a-hard-look-at-police-and-teacher-unions/
  6. Is Amazon coming to New Mexico good news for our Economy?  https://errorsofenchantment.com/thoughts-on-amazon-coming-to-new-mexico/
  7. How does New Mexico rank among states that are “business-friendly.”
  8. Is the success of SpaceX a possible indicator that Virgin Galatic may soon bring some economic return on the $275 million Space Port.

Chris Sweetin is a certified “use of force” instructor through the American Council of Criminal Justice Training. He is approved to teach with the New Mexico Law Enforcement Acadamy, and he holds a Master Instructor credential with the Department of Defense.  He and his partners at 3D Security Training Services have helped to raise the training standards for security officers in New Mexico, working closely with the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing  Department. Chris helps us look at the George Floyd case from a training perspective today. The available video shows the police officers did not follow standard use of force principals and the reactive control model used by most police departments.

For more information, click on 3D Security Training Solutions. Call 3D Security Training Solutions at 505-750-4220.

Jesse Lusko is the Pastor of Calvary Church Westside. He has been deeply affected by the senseless death of George Floyd. He makes this passionate plea today regarding racism in this country. “Instead of disagreeing, distancing, and demonizing, we need to listen, just hear the person out….then you need to embrace them, and then you can engage them in the topics we need to change!” This podcast is full of Bible truth presented in a way that only Pastor Jesse can verbalize! For more from Jesse Lusko, go his podcast at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/jesse-lusko-audio-podcast/id1137780340.

David Cooper is Bishop of New Hope Full Gospel Baptist Church in Albuquerque. Ron Wallace is the Owner of Uplifted Inc., The Publisher of Perspective Magazine in Albuquerque. Both men are Christian leaders in our community, and they have experienced the effects of racism throughout their lives. The tragic murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, has sparked protests around the world.  Ron and Bishop Cooper offer their insight into racism. They believe the Church should take action to help stop racism in our country. Bishop Coopers says, “There’s no such thing as racism unless the person who is doing it has the power to oppress the other race. Racism is about power.”

Perspective Magazine is the premier publication focusing on the strengths, values, faith, and successes of the African American community in New Mexico. For more information, go to Perspective Magazine. Click on the link for information about New Hope Full Gospel Baptist Church.

LifeQuest is a kid first organization. Staff and Volunteers provide many support services to at-risk youth in the juvenile justice system. LifeQuest is now a Charter Affiliate with Ambassadors of Compassion, a national organization dedicated to changing the lives of youth through Coach-led mentorship groups. John Jones is the President of  LifeQuest, a 501(c)3 non-profit  Ministry. Go to LifeQuest to find out how you can become a mentor for at-risk youth.

Congressman Steve Pearce is the Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. Primary election day is next Tuesday, June 2, 2020. The Congressman offers some insight into President Trump and the goals the Republican party has to secure our borders, streamline the process of immigration, reduce the size of government, and protect the rights of the people. He challenges our listeners to get out and vote! For information on the issues, go to  https://newmexico.gop/issues/.

If you are interested in comparing the positions of Republican candidates with Democrat candidates refer to the following websites:

League of Women Voters: https://www.lwvnm.org/

Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico: https://familypolicyalliance.com/about/about-us/newmexico/


Dustin King was listening to KNKT radio, and he heard about Feed New Mexico Kids providing food for children on the weekends.  Dustin told the leadership of Legacy Church about the ministry. and he is now the Coordinator for Feed New Kids at Legacy Church, Assistant Pastor Daniel McCabe and Dustin recount the partnership between Legacy Church, the Albuquerque Public Schools, and Feed New Mexico Kids.  Hundred more children are now receiving food for their weekends!

Legacy Church Pastor Daniel McCabe brings Pedro Jaramillo to ABQ Connect to share his incredible journey. From drug addiction to overseeing the ministry of Expect a Miracle, Pedro opens up to our listeners about how Jesus changed his life and led him to help people. Pedro and his wife Valerie are the Home Directors for Expect A Miracle.  The ministry is a year-long discipleship program for those who are overcome by lifestyles that have left them weary, empty and miserable, and others who want to learn the fundamentals of ministry https://www.expectamiracleabq.com/.

Steelbridge is a transformation center offering a program that incorporates counseling, behavioral health services, spiritual guidance, and other solutions to break the cycles of poverty, addiction, and trauma. Travis Clark is the Director of Steelbridge. He joins the program to tell us about the ministry. Travis invigorates our listeners, sharing success stories about homeless and addicted individuals that God transforms through the Steelbridge Ministry. Pastor Daniel McCabe joins this segment to explain why Legacy Church supports Steelbridge, and his hopes to see more churches get involved. For more information, go to Steelbridge.

Legacy Church Senior Pastor Steve Smothermon and Assistant Pastor Daniel McCabe are happy up to have people back on campus for live church services. The Legacy Ministry Team is moving forward with careful consideration of the coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

On the topic of politics, Pastor Steve does not hold back, challenging listeners to educate themselves on the issues and VOTE! For information, go to Legacy Church.