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The Whosoevers Skatepark Tour slams into Albuquerque on February 13th for a blast of skateboard, BMX, and scooter tricks at Los Altos Park! Ryan Ries is the co-founder of The Whosoevers Movement, a non-profit organization that empowers students at public schools worldwide to make positive choices no matter the circumstances.  Ryan went through a time of rebellion against God himself. He said, “I did not want anything to do with the church at all from 11 until I was 33 years old. At that moment, I needed God to invade my life!” For more information about “The Whosoevers Movement,” go to https://www.facebook.com/thewhosoevers/.

Self-control is a challenge for everybody. Jennifer Bryant is the owner of Nourished Nutrition Counseling. For February and March 2021, she is doing a “Self-Control Series” in her “Food and Faith Newsletter.” Her website also has insightful articles like “PUSHING AWAY IDOLS TO RE-FOCUS ON GOD’S GLORY.” https://nourishednutritioncounseling.com/pushing-away-idols-to-re-focus-on-gods-glory/ Jennifer Bryant, MS, RD, LD, CDE is a Registered Dietitian.  Jennifer has expertise in weight management, diabetes education, supplements, nutrigenomics, and functional nutrition. Reach out to Jennifer through her website at https://nourishednutritioncounseling.com/.

Working with Puggles (2-3), Cubbies (3-5), and Sparks (K-2nd) sounds like a lot of fun. What that really means is Melissa Solecki is working with the resources provided to her by AWANA Ministries to teach children the Word of God. She says, “The children are really fun.” Tim Sandvall is the Awana Missionary for New Mexico, supporting Melissa’s work with AWANA.  The ministry offers a curriculum that reaches kids and their families with the gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information, go to their website at https://www.awana.org/.

New Mexico State Police Officer (Retired) Doug Bolich honors New Mexico State Police Patrolman Darian Jarrott. The burial and final dispatch for Officer Jarrott were held Friday, February 12, 2021. Darian Jarrott, 28, gave his life in the line of duty on Thursday, February 4, 2021, during a traffic stop on Interstate 10 near Akela Flats, east of Deming. He is survived by his wife Gabriela and two children. The dedication, discipline, and sacrifice required of our New Mexico State Police Officers and their families are made clear in this emotional interview with Doug Bolich.

Contribute to the NMSPA Officer Jarrott Fund by sending a check or money order made out to NMSPA to:
NMSP Association
P.O. Box 36024
Albuquerque, NM 87176

Reload Love provides trauma relief, medical supplies, academic programs & safe spaces (specifical playgrounds) for children who have been victimized by terrorism. Lenya Heitzig is the Founder of Reload Love. She is also the Director of the SHEOLOGIE Women’s Ministry at Calvary Church. Lenya said, “I have learned with Reload Love, If you can restore normalcy as quickly as possible to these kids, you have a better hope of them recovering from trauma.” The  “Love Bomb” fundraiser is taking place on February 13th thru February 14th, but you can give a financial gift of any amount all month long at Star88.fm/knkt.com. My favorite quote from Lenya in this episode, “Bullets and Babies, don’t mix.”  The money raised during this February LOVE BOMB event will be used to build a sports complex to support the reach of evangelical soccer programs in northern Nigeria. Give here to help Reload Love https://reloadlove.com/love-bomb/.

The Children’s Grief Center (CGC) of New Mexico provides special support services for children, teens, young adults (ages 5-25), and their caregivers after the death of a loved one. Amanda Leslie is the Administrative Manager overseeing the Center for Hope and Healing. Gregory W. Chase is an Albuquerque Attorney, and he serves the Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico as the President of the Board of Directors.

The 15th Annual Healing Hearts Event & Silent Auction is Valentine’s weekend. Go to https://childrensgrief.org/ to donate.

CGC Address: 4125 Carlisle BLVD NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107

Phone: 505-323-0478
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 pm
General Information: info@childrensgrief.org

Houses with Hope is a 501-c(3) non-profit organization which builds homes for children and families in need in Kenya. The ministry has built over 5000 homes at the cost of only $400 each with the help of villagers and volunteer teams throughout the United States. Ronna Jordan is the Founder and CEO of Houses with Hope. She is joined on the show today by Shonna Jordan, her daughter.  Shonna inspired her mother to visit Kenya over 20 years ago after taking a mission trip to the area.

Houses with Hope are also involved in water, agriculture, medical, and education projects and economic, leadership, and job training in Kenya. This is producing a successful model of sustainability to countries around the globe. More information is available at https://www.houseswithhope.org/.

U-Turn for Christ New Mexico is a Christian Ministry helping people escape addiction. Fifteen years ago, Mike Gomez was addicted to opiates to the point that he was suicidal. U-Turn for Christ enabled him to turn his life around. Mike is now a Pastor, and he is currently serving God as the Director of U-Turn for Christ New Mexico. Evangelyn Gomez is the Director of the Women’s Ministry, and she is Mike’s partner in life.  For more information about U-Turn for Christ, go to their website: https://uturnforchristnewmexico.org/.

“The markets do not care who is in power that much politically. What they care about is the economy,” according to John Moore Associates, Certified Financial Planner Brian Cochran. Brian shares the market’s positive outlook on the possibility that “higher risk” Americans could be vaccinated against COVID within a few months!  Go to https://www.johnmoore.com/ and click on the “Insights” tab for more information.

De Novo Concierge Pastors is a ministry of  Paul and Stephanie Martinez. Their ministry is designed to meet the needs of people where they are. According to Paul, “Wedding ceremonies last a moment–marriages should last a lifetime. He has what you need for both! As a Certified SYMBIS* Facilitator, Dr. Martinez will guide you through your personalized assessment, and you’ll get the tools you need to build a marriage that goes the distance!” Paul and Stephanie also provide marriage counseling, wedding planning, and funeral services. For more information, call 505-400-1619 or go to https://denovopastoralservices.com/wedding-packages.html.