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In this continuation of the interview we aired from the “SQ@CC” (pronounced “Squak”) podcast, we hear more of Kaiden Ritchie’s story and experiences leaving the Mormon church. We also hear some additional thoughts from Kaiden, as well as “SQ@CC” hosts Brian Nixon and Luke Betzner, about ministering to Mormon people and helping them to recognize the differences between Mormonism and Orthodox Christianity.

Shelly Repp of “New Mexico Dream Center” joins us to raise awareness about issues related to human trafficking and victimization and the work that New Mexico Dream Center does to help victims. She also informs us about a march event designed to promote community involvement in the work that “New Mexico Dream Center” is doing.

On this special airing of an episode from Calvary College’s podcast (known as “SQ@CC,” pronounced “Squak”), hosts Brian Nixon and Luke Betzner interview Kaiden Ritchie (a Pastor at Calvary Church) about his background in the Mormon Church. They discuss what it was like for Kaiden to grow up in the LDS church, his initial exposures to true Christianity, and what apologetic and historical arguments eventually led him to leave the mormon faith and turn to orthodox Christianity.