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Kevin Miller and Taylor Bronisz join us again to talk about the upcoming man up rally, along with the guest speaker for this rally, Joshua Broome. Joshua is a former adult film performer who now speaks on the issue of pornography and offers men a message of deliverance and restoration in Jesus.

Alisha Plummer has written a book entitled “Confessions of a Christian Spinster”. The book is targeted at women who have remained single longer than desired, and it documents Alisha’s own journey towards full acceptance of singleness. She reminds single people of their identity in Christ and encourages them to use their single years to glorify the Lord.

Genevieve Wood of the Heritage Foundation joins us for her weekly update on current events in the world of politics and public policy. She talks about the recent firing of Tucker Carlson as well as recent efforts made by far-left organizations to interfere with the efforts of pro-life pregnancy resource centers.

John Sandager works with Bible Mission Global, an organization that seeks to equip believers around the world to minister to their communities and elevate the local church. He talks with us about the unique challenges and opportunities associated with this ministry.