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New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) Founder and President Carla Sonntag is joined by NMBC Board Member  Wayne Berry (Jillian Homes Realty) to talk about the political and public policy changes needed to help businesses thrive. Carla said, “We need more business experience in our State (government). If they know how to run a business and have the responsibility of signing a paycheck, they’re a little more judicious about how they spend taxpayer dollars. We don’t have that going on right now, in my opinion. We’ve got people in charge that are professional government people. To them, money just comes from taxes. If they need more money, then they just tax the people more. That is not a good idea for economic development. It does not attract business, and it doesn’t promote the growth of business.”

Wayne said, “Some people are going to be against something just because someone else is for it. It’s that attitude and that partisan divide that takes us to the fringes in many, many areas.”

For more information about the New Mexico Business Coalition, go to https://nmbizcoalition.org/.

Calvary Elementary School is now taking applications for grades K-3. Dr. Brian Nixon oversees Education and Publishing for Calvary Church. In this interview, Brian talks about integrated learning and the paideia approach to education. In reference to one aspect of integrated learning, Brian said, “Music is vital to the education of children. Not just for a few, but every child! Music helps students memorize and remember.” More information about Calvary Elementary School is available at https://calvarychurchelementary.com/ or call 505.338.0183.


“How Love Wins” will be performed on Saturday, April 9th, and  Sunday, April 10th, with matinee shows at 2:00 pm. Lindsay Dekleva is the Studio Director for Magnify Dance Center, and Lauren Maddock is the Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, and Technique Integration Instructor. Both Ladies are also performing in “How Love Wins” with their students. Tickets are available at The National Hispanic Cultural Center Box Office, online @ NHCCNM.org, or by calling 505-724-4771. Group discounts are available!

Lindsay said, “We share the whole Gospel story through our dancing!”

Magnify Dance Ensemble is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1990 to develop excellence in dancers through inspired service and performance. Visit their website at www.magnifydancecenter.com/ensemble.

Care Net Pregnancy Centers of Albuquerque provide FREE pregnancy services, including testing and ultra-sounds. STI testing and post-abortive care are also available for the asking. Paula Gonzales is the Executive Director of Care Net Pregnancy Centers of Albuquerque, and Jennifer Ward is the Community Outreach Director.

Finding out you are pregnant can feel scary if the pregnancy was unplanned. Feelings of anger, anxiety, denial and depression are all normal reactions. Carrying a pregnancy to term and raising a baby is no easy task, so it is understandable if you and your partner are unsure what to do.

Paula said, “Care Net Pregnancy Centers help people navigate these uncertain times. We explore your pregnancy options with you and make sure you have access to the most accurate and medically-sound information.” All services are FREE. More information is available at https://carenetabq.com/.

Carla Sonntag is the Founder and Executive Director of the NM Business Coalition. This episode gives us a detailed accounting of the bills that passed and failed in the 55th New Mexico Legislative Session that ended on February 17, 2022. She said, “The reason I thought this session was so good is that I saw so many people get involved that I had never seen before. We started this initiative Better Together New Mexico; during this 30-day session, we had almost 300,000 actions taken. When you have over 300,000 emails coming at you on different issues, you better pay attention because this is an election year. People are lit up, and they are ready for leadership that will hear them and take action.

“Better Together New Mexico is a new way to get New Mexicans engaged, informed, and drive positive change for our state,” Carla said. More information is available at https://nmbizcoalition.org/.


Carolyn Fittipaldi is the Acting Executive Director of the New Mexico Education Trust Board. She said, “It’s never too early, and it’s never too late to start saving for future education. “The Education Plan” is New Mexico’s Official 529 College Savings Plan administered by the Education Trust Board of New Mexico. We are a state agency. A 529 College Savings Plan is a tax-advantaged way to save money for college or trade school.”

Find out more about “The Education Plan” at https://theeducationplan.com/.

Bernadette Shanaberget is the Principal of Calvary Elementary School; Teresa Garcia is the Director of Calvary Preschool; Dr. Brian Nixon oversees Education and Publishing for Calvary Church. Bernadette said, “We want our kids to be the best taught and best-loved!” Find out more about Calvary Preschool at https://calvarychurchpreschool.com/ and Calvary Elementary at https://calvarychurchelementary.com/.

Holly Slade is the Founder of Feed New Mexico Kids, and Tracy Rodden is the Community Outreach Director. Holly said, “New Mexico ranks number one in childhood hunger in the United States. Feed New Mexico Kids partners with Albuquerque Public Schools to get nutritious, single-serving food to children who might not know they will find their next meal. Food is collected at churches and police sub-stations across the city and packaged into weekend snack packs for food-insecure children.”

Support Feed New Mexico Kids online by going to https://feednmkids.com/.

Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing reviews the results of the New Mexico 55th Legislative Session and the following topics:

  1. The Rio Grande Foundation Freedom Index results are in: https://errorsofenchantment.com/2022-freedom-index-results-published/. This is good information for voters.
  2. Legislature bill signing: https://errorsofenchantment.com/mlg-vetoes-pork-while-some-call-for-a-special-session/.
  3. New Mexico’s unemployment has recovered the least among US states since COVID 19: https://errorsofenchantment.com/wallethub-new-mexicos-unemployment-rate-has-recovered-the-least-among-50-states/.
  4. New Mexico also has the HIGHEST unemployment rate among states: https://errorsofenchantment.com/new-mexico-now-has-highest-unemployment-rate-among-us-states/. 5.9 %, not counting the decreasing Labor Force Participation Rate.
  5. With high gas prices, how is the Biden Administration keeping energy prices high? https://errorsofenchantment.com/help-ukraine-help-new-mexico-drill-baby-drill/.
  6. Energy: Lack of leases on federal lands (impacting New Mexico particularly). Outer continental shelf/ANWR are other options. Reduce regulations, encourage rather than discourage investment in the industry.
  7. Department of Energy: natural gas is the most affordable way to heat your home: https://errorsofenchantment.com/natural-gas-is-lowest-cost-way-to-heat-your-home/.
  8. New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich says, “Cooking on your stove is like letting your babysitter smoke in your house.”
  9. ABQ City Council ends the plastic bag ban. https://errorsofenchantment.com/albuquerque-city-council-poised-to-end-plastic-bag-ban/.
  10. Rising spending and declining student population put APS spending into record territory (nearly $23,000 per pupil): https://errorsofenchantment.com/albuquerque-public-schools-spending-rises-to-22877-per-pupil/.

Jennifer Bryant is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and the owner of Nourished Nutrition Counseling. She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). She said, “It fuels me to help other people succeed!” Find out more about Jennifer’s unique Biblically-based approach to nutrition at https://nourishednutritioncounseling.com/.