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Shelley Repp is the Executive Director of the New Mexico Dream Center. She describes today what human trafficking looks like nationally and globally from a labor and sex trafficking point of view. Shelley said, “There are absolutely systems in the United States that contribute to human trafficking. The United States is involved in all three aspects of human trafficking. We produce trafficking victims internally, importing trafficking victims, and exporting trafficking victims. The United States is part of all three of these aspects.”

If you would like to find out more about the work of the New Mexico Dream Center, go to https://www.nmdreamcenter.org/ or call 505-900-3833. Dial 911 if you suspect someone you know is the victim of human trafficking.

Calvary Christian Fellowship of Tucson Assistant Pastor  and Biblical Counselor Peter Martin said, “I think people are really nervous to talk about sexually charged topics, yet they seem more pervasive than any other issue we’re facing.” Peter is the author of Rooted in Sin: Rescued By Love. The book leads the reader through an interactive biblical self-examination with Peter sharing candidly about his sin and how God brings him healing, freedom, and peace.

Real Estate Broker and Property Manager Dom Garcia shares his insights into Albuquerque’s residential and commercial real estate market. Dom Garcia Realty is a full-service real estate broker, providing services for home buyers, investors, sellers, and professional property management for commercial and residential real estate owners. Call Dom at (505) 899-4644 for more information.

Jane Bickelman is the Co-Founder of Pursonalities Plus ABQ. This ministry puts together “Gift Purses for deserving women,” working closely with more than twenty charitable organizations supporting and encouraging women. Pursonalities Plus ABQ is currently working with non-profit agencies like Peaceful Habitation, Barrett House, Care Net, Casa de Mariposa, Casa Fortaleza, Crossroads, Enlace Communitario, Family Promise, For the One, Frontline Resurrection Women’s Ministry, God’s Warehouse, Haven House, Healthcare for the Homeless, Joy Junction – Christ in Power plus shelter, SAFE House, Saranam, St. Martins Hope Works, Steel Bridge Center of Hope, Susan’s Legacy, Teen Challenge, Tender Love Community, U-Turn for Christ, Valencia Shelter Services, Wings, and the Women’s Housing Coalition.

Cassandra Morrison is a Real Estate Broker with Coldwell Banker Legacy in Albuquerque. She spends a lot of her spare time volunteering for Pursonalities Plus ABQ. She said, “Anybody can get involved, and we need your time!”

Find out how you can help at https://www.facebook.com/Pursonalities-Plus-ABQ-269909590192341/.

Mike Howell is a Senior Advisor for Government Relations at The Heritage Foundation, the nation’s largest conservative think tank https://www.heritage.org/. “Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense are the day’s topics. Mike said, “The world economy is one thing, but we have also given up significant control of our own (U.S) economy to China. We don’t make enough stuff to be self-sufficient.”

Visit https://www.heritage.org/ to join and support the Heritage Foundation.


New Mexico Men of Honor is inviting men from churches all over New Mexico to attend their quarterly event Friday night, July 22, 2022, at Casa Del Rey Church, 2500 Corona Dr. NW, Albuquerque, NM  87120. Professional basketball player and Director of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Basketball, Justin Hawkins, will be speaking. Food trucks will be available at 5:00 pm, with worship starting at 6:30. Steve Stucker is the Co-Chair of New Mexico Men of Honor. Go to https://www.nmmenofhonor.com/ for more information.

John Jones is the President and CEO of LifeQuest USA. He said, “We are a ministry that is dedicated to reaching incarcerated and at-risk youth.” Haeleah Blackman is a high school student, and part of the LifeQuest USA 4:13 Journey. God has brought John through a number of challenging times in his life including drug addiction, and incarceration. He encourages people not to be held captive or limited by their past. He said, “God will use everything from your past, your ugliest stuff, your most painful stuff to serve Him and serve others if you will give it to Him to use. Part of the problem is you can’t use it unless you are free from your past.”

Haeleah said, “High School can be hard sometimes. LifeQuest and the 4:13 Journey has brought me a long way in helping me!”  For more information about LifeQuest USA go to https://www.lifequestusa.org/.

Carol Pierce is the Director of One Albuquerque Family and Community Services. Dr. Elizabeth Holguin is Deputy Director of Homeless Solutions and Clinical Advisor for the City of Albuquerque’s Family and Community Services. Albuquerque’s approach to helping the “unhoused” is multifaceted. Carol said, “Everybody’s experience is different, and they have had trauma in their life. That is usually the common denominator. What we want to do is find what is best to meet people where they are at.”

The Gibson Health Hub, Gateway Center, Safe Outdoor Spaces, and city services to assist the “unhoused” are our discussion topics. Dr. Holguin also invites non-profits, businesses, and individuals to help come up with creative solutions. Find out how you can help at https://www.cabq.gov/family/services/homeless-services#how-to-help.

Registered Dietician, Nutritionist Jennifer Bryant, and Certified Fitness Instructor Gina Cordova have teamed up to offer their second Wellness in the Word Workshop: Glorifying God with our Bodies on Friday evening, July 11, 2022, at Trinity at the Marketplace Church, 2520 Chama NE, Albuquerque. The workshop is FREE for women to attend, but please register at https://www.riseandabidewellness.com/ or https://nourishednutritioncounseling.com.


U Turn for Christ is about freedom from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions through Jesus Christ. Pastor Mike Gomez is the Director of U-Turn-For-Christ. Evangelyn is the Director of the Women’s Ministry, and she is Mike’s partner in life. God has blessed Mike and Evangelyn by helping them overcome addictions personally and giving them a ministry where they share their experience and help others be free from addiction. Evangelyn said, “I would drink recreationally, I thought. Then all of a sudden, I am taking shots just to make dinner. I have my bottle hidden in the freezer behind the fish sticks. You think you are just going to take the edge off, and suddenly it’s a life-dominating sin.

For more information about their programs and to support the program, go to https://uturnforchristnewmexico.org/.