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Toya is the Founder of “For the One.” The ministry is both an action-based sex trafficking prevention ministry and a Phase 3 survivor support program offering emergency financial support to survivors who are ready for more independent next steps.” For the One is holding its first-ever VULNERABLE NO MORE EVENT on JUNE 18TH, 2021!  The event will be held at the Central Campus of Legacy Church, 6:00-8:00 pm,  7201 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87121. Please let your friends know the VULNERABLE NO MORE EVENT is FREE!

The event will also be live-streamed. For more information, go to https://www.fortheone.one/.

New Mexico State Senator Mark Moores is a candidate for the U.S. House to represent New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District. Paul Gessing is the President of the Rio Grande Foundation, New Mexico’s free-market liberty-oriented think tank and research institute.  Paul reviews the top legislative priorities Senator Moores will have in Washington if elected.

Senator Moores prioritized the following concerns:

  • I am going to push for reforms that help law enforcement do their jobs.
  • We have to secure our borders.
  • We have to have a legal immigration system. We are a very proud nation of immigrants. It’s our DNA, but we have to follow the law.
  • New Mexico is much harder on small businesses than they are on criminals.
  • We are one of only 12 states that tax social security. It is absolutely unfair to double tax our senior citizens on social security.


The First Joni and Friends New Mexico Family Retreat is coming up June 29-July 3, 2021. Family Retreats offer a safe and accepting Christ-centered environment for individuals affected by disability and their families, making it a little slice of heaven for everyone! At Family Retreat, families are cared for, encouraged, and rejuvenated in an accessible camp environment.

Sandi Scripter is the Area Director for Joni and Friends New Mexico. Marcy Patten is the Ministry Operations Manager, and Nichole Moberly is a blessed parent, thankful for the ministry of Joni and Friends. Joni Eareckson Tada is the Founder and CEO of the international ministry of Joni and Friends.

Nichole said, “It is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience to go to a family retreat knowing that your kids are perfectly safe. People (Joni and Friends) love your family right where they are.” Information about the Joni and Friends Family Retreat and more is available at www.joniandfriends.org/new-mexico/ or call 505-835-5263.

“We are all disabled in one way or another. We all have limitations. We all suffer and deal with afflictions and disappointments that can be spirit-crushing to our hearts. But, it need not be if we avail ourselves to the Lord Jesus and His grace,” Joni said!

The leadership of Calvary Church is making exciting changes to its global radio outreach. 107.1 KNKT radio will be transitioning to the control of the Bible Broadcasting Network. The transfer is planned for the end of May 2021. 88.3 KLYT (Starr-88) will be moving to a digital platform designed to make its’ Christian music programming more accessible through digital devices like cell phones and computers.

The Bible teaching and talk content now available on KNKT will move over to 88.3 KLYT to expand the available listening audience in communities throughout New Mexico. Calvary Church Senior Pastor Skip Heitzig and Director of Connection Communications, Chip Lusko, remember how God has opened doors for Calvary Church to use media as a tool to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Albuquerque and now the world. Click on the links for additional information or email studio@KNKT.com.

Erika, Leila, and Jodie are “Freedom Advocates” with Mercy Multiplied. The biblically-based ministry is a residential counseling program helping young women ages 13-32 break free from life-controlling issues and situations, including anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, addictions, unplanned pregnancy, and sex trafficking. These residential services are offered free of charge. Volunteers are needed to serve in the ministry. More information is available at https://mercymultiplied.com/.

Sign up for the Run for Mercy 5K and Family Walk to help raise money for the ministry. Sign up at https://secure.mercymultiplied.com/site/TR?fr_id=2012&pg=entry. The team name is “New Mexico for Mercy!”

Brian Cochran believes the principles that guide our lives should also guide our business. “Our values serve as the foundation for how we treat our clients, our partners, and our communities.” Brian is the President of the John Moore Associates. In this episode of ABQ Connect, he talks about the following economic indicators:

  • The April jobs report came in over 700,000 jobs short of expectations.
  • Inflation is trending much higher than expected. Core CPI has the highest month-over-month rise since 1982.
  • Retail sales showed no progress in April.

For more detailed information, go to https://www.johnmoore.com/.

Manuel Gonzales is currently serving his second term as our Bernalillo County Sheriff. He has announced he is running for Mayor of Albuquerque in November 2021. Reducing crime, addressing homelessness, and bringing business and jobs to Albuquerque are his top priorities. Sheriff Gonzales said, “Put people before politics! Every elected officials’ obligation is to protect the people first and foremost!”  For more information about Manuel (Manny) Gonzales III and his campaign for Mayor of Albuquerque, go to https://www.mannyforabq.com/news.

Katherine Gardner is the Registrar for Calvary College. Jaden is a High School student in Albuquerque who is also taking courses with Calvary College. Jaden said, ” I think a lot of college students are talked out of their faith at university because they don’t have that foundation, to begin with.” Calvary College is open to everybody!  For more information, call Katherine at 505.338.3680 or email: info@calvaryabq.college.

Karen Warin and Dale Coffing are part of the Navigators Workplace Ministry Staff in Albuquerque. The Workplace mission of The Navigators is all about “Transforming the Worker, the Work, and the Workplace.” The Navigators is a non-denominational international Christian ministry. Dale said, “You glorify God by being the very best you can be in the workplace.” “One of the marks of a follower of Christ is doing your work with excellence,” Karen said.

The next Faith at Work virtual event is June 9, 2021. THE EVENTS are FREE!  For more information, go to http://www.navigatorsabq.org/.

Right To Life Committee of New Mexico Executive Director Ethel Maharg shares the new focus of her team’s efforts, “My favorite right is life.”  Ethel has yard signs for anyone who wants to fight for life in New Mexico. Call 505-881-4563 for more information or reach out on the web at https://www.rtlnm.org/.

The yard signs are available for free in both English and Spanish. They are yours FREE for the asking!