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Sexuality, pornography, trauma, and addiction are issues of life for Christians and unbelievers. Pastor Peter Martin of Calvary Marana in Tucson Arizona unpacks the hope of Jesus, and the spiritual importance of counseling, mental health, and addressing past traumas. He details how his new church is reaching out to people to encourage them to live life, heal, and grow in community with other Christians dealing with the same stuff. His books, “Rooted in Sin: Rescued By Love” and “The Fellowship of Suffering” are available on Amazon. Learn more about Pastor Peter Martin and Calvary Marana in Tuscon at https://calvarymarana.com/.

There are few things more important in a Christian parent’s life than to cultivate a knowledge of God in their children. But parents can often feel unsure how to begin doing this. The Christian Child Care Coalition provides resources to help parents disciple their children in the faith. Today, their facilitator, Charles White, joins us to discuss the work of the ministry and to give some practical advice to parents desiring to do their best to raise their children to know the Lord.

Josh Jaramillo’s family founded “Expect a Miracle”- a ministry aimed at helping those living lifestyles that have robbed them of joy, freedom, and autonomy. Today, he joins us to talk about this ministry and to share some stories about lives that have been changed through their work.

Tim Steele works to provide couples with tools and resouces to help their marriages thrive. Today, he joins us to talk about the biblical words used to describe love and explains the relevance of these words to marriage. Then, he shares some information about an upcoming “Art of Marriage” event that couples can now check out. Go to www.familylife.com/comingsoon/ for more information!