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Chuck Harper, Director of Across Nations Ministries,  is pictured with his wife, Cindy, Director of Personnel. Construction is underway on the new Across Nations Communications Facility in Window Rock, AZ. Chuck joins ABQ Connect to update us on the progress.  The new building will house its radio stations and provide video production capabilities for the ministry.  The radio broadcast ministry of Across Nations provides Native Language Christian programming to the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni Nations located in NW New Mexico and Northern Arizona. The ministry is also involved in youth outreach, education, church planting, and much more. Click on the links for more information.

Cornerstone LifeWorks is a new Christian mental health therapy, counseling, and wellness center in Albuquerque. Director Sam Newmon says, “We are not just counselors who are Christians. We are counselors who merge our professional, therapeutic, evidence-based tools and education with a Christ-centered perspective. This is done through relationship and the leading of the Holy Spirit.” For more information about Cornerstone LifeWorks, click on the links.

One good way to prepare to vote in the general election beginning with early voting on October 17 and ending November 3, 2020, is to listen to Paul Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation. Paul does not have all the answers, but he presents innovative ideas about how New Mexico can work through its economic challenges. Click on the links for more information. These are the topics Paul covers on the program today:

  1. On October 13, 2020, rollbacks were announced by the Governor to take effect on Friday the 16th.
  2. The city’s recycling program is having issues. The Mayor’s budget calls for a 5.5% increase. I can discuss this extensively: https://www.abqjournal.com/1501231/mayors-budget-proposes-hike-for-trash-collection.html Budget meeting with the City Council on October 19th.
  3. Journal Article, 09-27-2020 City recycling is more expensive because China is charging more to process recyclables sent to them.
  4. Mayor Keller attempts to hide golf course costs by merging them into the budget https://errorsofenchantment.com/privatize-management-dont-subsidize-city-of-albuquerque-golf-courses/.
  5. Does it mean that city golf courses operate as “enterprise funds” in terms of the budget?
  6. What ideas have been implemented worldwide to improve golf courses’ management to make them profitable and self-sustaining?
  7. CA’s gov. just banned gas vehicles, but a year ago, MLG said NM was going to 52 MPG. https://errorsofenchantment.com/time-for-an-update-on-michelle-lujan-grishams-mpg-mandate/
  8. Should talk broadly about the election and what is at stake. We don’t dive into many federal issues, but the Supreme Court of the US issue is one: https://errorsofenchantment.com/nationally-this-election-is-about-packing-the-court-and-filibuster/.

Gonstead Physical Medicine is an integrated medical clinic that focuses on human movement and the “whole” problem instead of just the symptoms. They offer chiropractic, functional rehab, non-surgical spinal decompression, dry needling, hormone replacement, and red light therapy. Dr. Tony Del Angel and his staff of healthcare professionals work as a team to get you better. Dr. Tony is joined on the program today by one of his patients, Brian McKenna. Brian says about Dr. Tony, “I owe this man my life. He has changed my physical body for the better!”

New Mexico Congressional District 1 Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Michelle Garcia Holmes describes her hope for New Mexico and her ideas to help families and children in our state. Michelle is passionate about protecting children before they are born and after they are born!

“I say we need better health care for women because women who are seeking an abortion should have access to every possible type of counseling before making that decision in their life. I want to make health care better for women because there is absolutely no aftercare given to women after aborting their babies. These women who have come to me and told me their testimonies, all of them have attempted suicide. To me, if you look at the statistical data, this is a killer of not one life, but two lives!”


Dennis Poper and Richard Mansfield discuss the Route 66 Prayer Parade. Richard is the Senior Pastor of New Beginnings Church and President of New Mexico Prays. Dennis Poper is the Co-Chair of New Mexico Men of Honor. The theme of the Route 66 Prayer Parade is “One Nation Our Time.” As people follow the prayer parade, you will see “prayer points” placed along the route so everyone participating can pray in agreement over our city and our nation.

The 12th Annual Place of Worship: Effective Security Response to Protests and Demonstrations Conference will be held Saturday, October 17, 2020, at Calvary Church Westside, 6051 Winterhaven NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120. Vince Harrison and Pastor Todd Patton explain the importance of security and safety planning for churches. Vince is the Director of Safety, Calvary Church, and he is a retired Albuquerque Police Department Detective. Pastor Todd Patton also serves on the Safety Team with Calvary Church. He retired from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department as a SWAT Deputy Operator.

Register at  https://www.globalonedefense.com/event-details/places-of-worship-conference.  Call Gill Baca at 505-385-7089 for more information.

Tax reform proposals from Presidential Candidate Joe Biden is the topic of our 10-minute Investment Market Update today with John Moore Associates, Certified Financial Planner Brian Cochran. Brian summarizes the data available from several sources showing how the Biden proposed tax reforms could affect investors if he wins the election. Next Friday, October 16, 2020, Brian will go into more detail on this same topic.

23-year-old Jahnika Guajardo opens up about living with drug addiction, pregnancy, and poverty since she was 15. Jahnika is a resident of the Steelbridge Transformation Center in Albuquerque. Ministry Director, Travis Clark, brought Jahnika to ABQ Connect for us to hear firsthand how God is using the Steelbridge Transformation to break the cycle of poverty and addiction in the lives of people who want help.  Travis said, “We try to exemplify love. Who cares what somebody did in the past? We want to help them with what they are doing today.”

Please pray for the Steelbridge Transformation Center Ministry. They are just starting a new fundraising project called “Keep the change, Change a life!”  Plans are now underway for a new “Detox Facility” to equip the ministry to expand its services, helping people break the addiction cycle. If you would like to know how your business or you as an individual can support Steelbridge, please click on the links or call 505.346.4673.

Spiritual Orphans Network (SON, formerly East European Missions Network – EEMN) has placed career missionaries in Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Albania, and Turkey. They have just added Mongolia to this list of countries served.   The ministry focuses on equipping the indigenous Church and lay leadership to serve as missionaries within their own culture. Each summer, short-term mission teams serve with these long-term missionaries and ministry partners. Take a look at the short term mission trips being planned now for next summer at https://sonetwork.org/.

David and Angela Breidenbach work together with the SON Network to help Christians make connections with people living in an area of the world oppressed by communism and socialism. Angela said, ” Just coming alongside them, letting them know they are not alone in this world,  has had remarkable results. When you bring the light of Christ into that darkness, it is profound.”