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Genevieve Wood of the Heritage Foundation joins us for her weekly update on current events in the world of politics and public policy. She talks about the recent firing of Tucker Carlson as well as recent efforts made by far-left organizations to interfere with the efforts of pro-life pregnancy resource centers.

John Sandager works with Bible Mission Global, an organization that seeks to equip believers around the world to minister to their communities and elevate the local church. He talks with us about the unique challenges and opportunities associated with this ministry.

Liz Silva and Mary Siegel join us to talk about Jeremiah’s Place- a ministry that educational activities for adults with special needs. Through Jeremiah’s Place, special needs adults learn about science, art, nutrition, reading, and other topics. Liz and Mary give us some insight into the lives of people with special needs and how our listeners can be a positive influence in their lives and help them reach their full potential.

Brian Cochran joins us for an hour-long edition of his weekly financial update! Today, he talks about “Biblically Responsible Investing”- a set of guidelines that he uses when advising clients. He gives us general principles to help us determine whether it is prudent and God-honoring to invest in certain corporations.

New Mexico for Mercy is a ministry devoted to providing resources to help those who struggle with trauma and mental health issues. Their work is biblical and supported by research. Today, Greg and Joselynn join us to talk about the work the organization is doing and Greg’s experience as a trauma survivor who has benefitted personally from some of New Mexico for Mercy’s programs.