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Family Policy Alliance Executive Director, Vince Torres gives us an overview of the Family-related policy issues that will be addressed in the upcoming session of the New Mexico legislature.  Please register on https://familypolicyalliance.com/newmexico to receive updates on policy issues in the legislature regarding life, family, sexuality, and religious freedom.

America Prays and New Mexico Prays Founder Brian Alarid gives us a clear picture of how churches of all Christian denominations have come together to pray for the leadership of our State.  The public is invited to Santa Fe on Wednesday, January 22, 2020, for “Sanctity of Life Day, and the Life March. For more information go to https://www.americaprays.org/newmexico/


Ray Mondragon with Creation Science Fellowship gives us some examples from nature that speak of an “intelligent designer.” Find out more about Creation Science Fellowship at www.csfnm.org. You may also find out more about Ray Mondragon and his ministry at http://forhisglorynm.com/.  These are some additional resources offer through Creation Science Fellowship:

Creation Science Fellowship (CFS) of New Mexico, Inc.

P.O. Box 10550, Albuquerque, New Mexico   87184


Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

(800) 337.0375

 P.O. Box 59029, Dallas, TX   75229


Dr. Henry Morris (Died),

Answers In Genesis (AIG) 

Orders&Donations:(800) 778-3390, FAX: (606) 727-2299

– Creation Science Ministries, Orders&Donations:(800) 350-3232?(352), Other:(606) 647-2900

 P.O. Box 6330, Florence, KY   41022


Ken Ham

Creation Ministries International (CMI) 

Orders&Donations:(800) 6161-CMI,  (770) 439-9130, FAX: (404) 420-2247

P.O. Box 350, Powder Springs, Atlanta GA 30127-0350


Gary Bates, Dr.Carl Wieland, Dr.Don Batten, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Dr. Tas Walker, Dr. John Hartnett, etc.

Creation Research Society (CRS)

(816) 279-2626

P.O.Box 8263, St. Joseph, MO 64508-8263


e-mail: CRSnetwork@aol.com

Professional Technical Society:  Dr. Glen W. Wolfrom (Membership Secretary) {Books & Technical Papers}

Creation Training Initiative


P.O. Box 2415, Eagle, ID 83616


Mike Riddle

Arizona Origin Science Association


Dr. Joseph Kezele

Northwest Creation Network   



Dr. Walter Brown

Center for Scientific Creation   (602) 955-7663

5612 North 20th Place, Pheonix, AZ 85016


Dr. Walter Brown

Creation Research Foundation  (CRF)

(916) 542-1509

Dennis Peterson (Director)

Awesome Works Emporium

(916) 626-4447


P.O. Box 570, El Dorado, CA   95623


Dennis Petersen

Creation Science Evangelism

(850) 479-3466, (877) 479-3466

29 Cummings Rd., Pensacola, FL   32503


Kent Hovind

Understanding the Times

(714) 957-3898, (800) 689-1888 Orders

 P.O. Box 27239, Santa Ana, CA   92799


Roger Oakland

Creation Evidences Museum

(817) 897-3200,  FAX: (817) 897-3100

P.O. Box 309, Glen Rose, TX   76043 – 0309


Dr. Carl & Martha Baugh

Christian Research Institute International

(714) 855-9926, (888) ASK-HANK, (800) 821-4490

P.O. Box 7000, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA   92688-7000


{Creation Science, Cults, and the Occult}

Walter Martin (Died),   Hank Hanegraaff

 International Conferences on Creationism (ICC)

New Leaf Press / Master Books


Reason and Revelation / Apologetic Press, Inc.


 Eden Communications (Films for Christ) 


(602) 894-1300, FAX: (602) 894-8406

2628 West Birchwood Circle, Mesa, AZ   85202

Jeremiah Films   


Creation Magazine (EX NIHILO)


Journal of Creation   


Answers Magazine   


Acts and Facts Magazine  


Archaeology – World of the Bible (Randall Price)  


These books will give a good overview of Creation Science.  However, the topic is so broad, these only scratch the surface of the scientific information for a cataclysmic creation.  Many of the sources on the previous page have catalogs of books and videos that cover specific subjects in great detail (e.g., History of Science and Scientists, Creation Science, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Geology, Catastrophe Creation Science Vs Gradualism, Radiometric Dating of Rocks and Fossils, Chronological Dating of the Earth, the Mount St. Helens Volcano Eruption Effects and Results, The Grand Canyon Geographic Record, the Great Ice Age Evidence, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, RNA & DNA Studies, Mutation Studies, Origins of Life Studies, Evolutionism, Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory, Anthropology, Fossil Record, Missing Links, So-called Ape Men, Scopes Monkey Trial, Dinosaurs, Archaeology, Past Civilizations, the Genesis Flood, Noah’s Ark, The Bible, etc.).

  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, by Dennis R. Petersen

Good introduction text.  Covers a very broad span of subjects and scientific information.  Written for most ages (junior high up).  Presents an abundant amount of information and presents the Canopy Theory.  I believe the Canopy Theory has some basic problems, but the book is a very good book overall introduction for all ages.

  • In The Beginning, by Dr. Walter Brown

Good scientific reference.  The very broad span of materials and scientific information covered.  Written for adults (high school up). Presents an abundant amount of information and presents the Hydro-Plate Theory.  This is a very good reference book.

Dr. John Baumgardner of Los Alamos National Laboratories has the best creation model that I have seen that matches the scientific evidence and data.  It is based on tectonic plate subduction causing the flood.

Warning:  Progressive Creationist or Theistic Evolutionists or Other

Access Research Network,   (719) 633-1772    (888) 259-7102 (Orders Only)  {WARNING: most support Old Earth Creation}

The “Intelligent Design” group based primarily on biological evidence.  Tends to accept the Big Bang evolutionary model for some of the creation.

PO Box 38069, Colorado Springs, CO   80937-8069 Phillip Johnson, Dr. Michael Behe, Dr. Jonathan Wells, Dr. William Dembski


Reasons To Believe    (818) 335-1480,    (800) 482-7836 (Orders Only)   {WARNING: promotes an Old Earth Creation}  Dr. Hugh Ross

P.O. Box 5978, Pasadena, CA 91117. {WARNING: Anti-Biblical in some areas! Old Earth (Ex.20:11 Gen.1), no worldwide flood, ape-men, etc.}

Holly Slade and Zanetta Romero, with Feed New Mexico Kids, recap the successes of the ministry in 2019 and set the bar for what needs to be done in 2020. To support Feed New Kids, please go to https://feednmkids.com .Holly is a local real estate professional and the owner of Dave Slade and Associates. She shares her vision for Feed New Mexico Kids as the founder. Zanetta Romero is the community relations director for the ministry. Zanetta shares her personal testimony as once being “food insecure” which is one of the things that lead her to work with Holly and Feed New Mexico Kids.

Rhiannon Samuel and Dale Armstrong of Viante New Mexico help us to understand the legislative process in New Mexico.  The state legislative session begins on January 21, 2020. Viante will be providing updated information during the 2020 legislative session on its website. Viante has a focus on NM public policy issues in three areas, education, reducing crime, and improving the quality of life for all New Mexicans. To sign up for their newsletter go to https://viantenm.org/.

The ancient city of Sodom has been discovered in the Jordan Valley by a team of archaeologists lead by Dr. Steven Collins. Dr. Collins invites us to see how archaeology verifies historical events described in the Bible. On January 17, 2020 Calvary Albuquerque Pastor Skip Heitzig is hosting a special celebration to help raise money for the work currently being done at the Tall el-Hammam excavation project in Jordan. Tall el-Hammam is the site of the ancient city of Sodom.  If you would like to sponsor a table or buy tickets to the event please call Glenda at 505-33Bible (505-332-4253).

Rio Grande Foundation President, Paul Gessing, reviews the issues New Mexico lawmakers will be considering during the upcoming 2020 New Mexico Legislative Session.  The Rio Grande Foundation will be reporting on the issues as they develop during the session on their website https://www.riograndefoundation.org/.