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Roy Cañada (The Americas Area Director) and Deana Day (Communications Coordinator) of Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) provide details of what it takes to deliver the Word of God in audio form to various peoples in the Americas. FCBH’s “Vision 2033” information is also discussed as well as details on how to support this critical work.

Mark Hall gives us an inside look to the ministry of Casting Crowns prior to their stop in Rio Rancho for a concert including Anne Wilson and CAIN. Mark’s heart for youth is clear as well as his desire to minister during the Casting Crowns tour of their latest project, Healer.

LifeQuest has been mentoring, discipling and loving the at-risk youth of New Mexico to encourage a relationship with Jesus Christ. John Jones updates us on their work and opportunities for involvement,

Since the first half of the 20th century, AWANA has been a vital part of encouraging children to write the Word of God on their hearts. Along with activities and events, AWANA continues along that path well into the 21st century. Hear from Melissa Solecki what kids are doing and how you can get involved.

The literacy rate in New Mexico is among the worst in the United States. Cyndy Ratliff, the Executive Director or Read West in Rio Rancho, along with the rest of the staff and volunteers are doing what they can to raise that rate. Through programs carefully crafted to educate Read West is making a difference.

Men of Honor New Mexico purpose to unite the men of New Mexico under the banner of Jesus. Their events draw men from a wide range of churches and encourage guys to reason together as they dive into the Word of God. In this interview Jim Engleman provides information about their upcoming event, Rev It Up – Are You Ready? – Jesus is Coming which will include a car show, food (well, of course), a timely message and break out sessions.