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Pastor Daniel McCabe and part of the Legacy Ministry Outreach Team join Jim in studio to talk about how Legacy Church is reaching out to help our homeless community, and people facing addictions.  Pedro Jaramillo is the Director and Pastor of Expect a Miracle Ministries. Dustin King oversees the homeless outreach of Legacy Church and acts a community liason for Feed NM Kids. Travis Clark is the new Director of the Steelbridge Transformation Center. Together, they share their vision for seeing people connect with God. For more information about Legacy Church, visit https://www.legacychurchnm.com/. To contact Steelbridge Transformation Center go to https://www.mysteelbridge.org/.  For help with drug and alcohol addiction, contact Expect a Miracle at https://www.expectamiracleabq.com.

Carlos Griego, the owner of Bosque Plumbing and Heating,  joins us on our Friday “Ask the Expert” segment. Monica Griego with KNKT Radio shares her experience in working with Carlos and his team to restore her home after a pipe burst in her home. For information about Bosque Plumbing and Heating, please call 505-444-7200 or go to their website at https://www.ourhouseishot.com/.

Vice-President of Gospel for Asia, Daniel Yohannan, shares the amazing opportunity we have to help families in Asia through their “Christmas Critter Campaign.” We can choose gifts from chickens, goats, water buffaloes, lambs, pigs, Jesus wells, sewing machines, and more!  Daniel appeals to our listeners to help change the lives of thousands of “untouchables” in Asia. These gifts open the door to share the most precious gift of all, the Love of Jesus!  For more information go to http://www.knkt.com/ and click on the Gospel for Asia Christmas Critter Campaign.