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Paul Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation gives us an overview of the 2019 City of Albuquerque Election Ballot.  He encourages us to take advantage of early voting through Saturday November 2, 2019.  The Official date of the election is November 5, 2019.  For more information go to https://www.riograndefoundation.org.


During the conversation Jim raises serious questions about “Proposition 1 and 2 on the Ballot” regarding raising money for officials to fund their political campaigns.  Watch out for what the ballot calls “Democracy Dollars!”


Michelle Airhart and DeeDee Jones, Executive Director of Alongside Ministries, ask our listeners to help them care for single mothers, and pregnant women faced with raising a child alone. For more information go to www.alongsideabq.com or call 505-750-7871.  Alongside Ministries provide diapers and wipes (value of over $500 per year), miscellaneous baby items, and baby clothing as they receive donations.  The ministry helps mothers move into apartments which has included furniture and household items. This is important because many of these mothers often have nothing, they are coming out of homelessness. We place mentors with our mothers to help them connect with positive role models. These mentorships often turn into friendships and family.

First Lady of the Navajo Nation, Phefelia  Nez, joins Mercy Alarid, Founder of Virtuous Women, and Brian Alarid, President of America Prays, to talk about their partnership to encourage Native American Women. They have a special event coming up on October 26, 2019, called the Native American Honor Her Conference to be held at Rehoboth Christian School.  For ticket information go to www.VirtuousWomen.tv/events. The vision of Virtuous Women is to unite women, equip them to discover their virtue in Christ, and empower them to disciple others.


Dennis Poper with New Mexico Men of Honor, Judge Vance Day, the President of Promise Keepers, and the National Prayer Coordinator for Promise Keepers, Dai Sup Han, join ABQ Connect to talk about how men need to help build up one another to be Men of God! For information about Promise Keepers, email the ministry at info@PKnet.org.