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Taun Cortado is the Director of Media and Press Relations with Gospel for Asia. He joins Jim on the ABQ Connect line to talk about the ministry of Gospel for Asia, and their “Christmas Critter Campaign.” If you are looking to make a difference for eternity, consider a gift that has the power to completely change the lives of thousands of “Untouchables” in Asia.  You can give a poor family the gift of a goat, a pig, or a sewing machine for example. These gifts will open the door to the most precious gift of all, the Love of Jesus!  For more information about these special Christmas gifts go to www.knkt.com and click on the Gospel for Asia Christmas Critter Campaign banner.

Pictured: William Fogleman, and Charles Paez


High Desert Hospice care team members share their experience and expertise in working with people in hospice care.  Chaplain Jim Meyer, Chaplain Rich Trujillo, and Volunteer Coordinator, Judy Clymer talk with Jim about their roles in the spiritual care and encouragement offered by High Desert Hospice. In the second half of the program, Community Liaisons, William Fogleman, and Charles Paez help us understand the process of setting up hospice care for your loved ones.  For more information go to https://highdeserthospice.care.

Business Man Steve McKee offers his perspective on how the State of  New Mexico can work to improve its “Brand.”  Steve is the founder of McKee Wallwork and Company. He is also the author of “When Growth Stalls, and Power Branding.  For more information about Steve and his expertise in marketing and advertising go to https://www.mckeewallwork.com/

Loan Officer Eleanor Hutt and Realtor, Elaine Ramos talk about the benefits of owning a home vs renting.  Elaine is the owner of Ramos Real Estate,  https://ramosrealestatenm.com. Eleanor is with Waterstone Mortgage,  https://newmexico.waterstonemortgage.com. Elaine and Eleanor work as a team to help people buy and sell homes.   If you are interested in buying or selling a new home give Elaine a call at 505-379-6845.


Businessman, Bible teacher, and author Dave Slade talks with Jim about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Dave helps to lead the men’s Bible study at Calvary Church at 6:30 am on Thursdays in the Hub. The final men’s Bible study of 2019 will be held Thursday, December 12, 2019, where we will discuss the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. For more information, see http://www.calvaryabq.org/.

Ethel Maharg and Vince Torres help us understand the overwhelming stress and pressure many pregnant women face as they consider giving birth or terminating their pregnancies. Ethel Maharg is the Executive Director of the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico https://rtlnm.org.  Vince Torres is the Executive Director of the Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico https://FamilyPolicyAlliance.com/NewMexico. Please stay informed on the issues involving our families, and Right to Life by reviewing the information provided on these websites.

Pastor Daniel McCabe and part of the Legacy Ministry Outreach Team join Jim in studio to talk about how Legacy Church is reaching out to help our homeless community, and people facing addictions.  Pedro Jaramillo is the Director and Pastor of Expect a Miracle Ministries. Dustin King oversees the homeless outreach of Legacy Church and acts a community liason for Feed NM Kids. Travis Clark is the new Director of the Steelbridge Transformation Center. Together, they share their vision for seeing people connect with God. For more information about Legacy Church, visit https://www.legacychurchnm.com/. To contact Steelbridge Transformation Center go to https://www.mysteelbridge.org/.  For help with drug and alcohol addiction, contact Expect a Miracle at https://www.expectamiracleabq.com.