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The McKees and Paulsens have been in the same kinship Bible study group for over 30 years. Several other couples have joined them through the years, and they now enjoy a vibrant, lively community together. The McKees and Paulsens join Jim Williams today to share stories of joy and heartbreak that the group has experienced together, and they encourage our listeners to find similar Christ-centered community in their own lives.

Joining us from New Mexico for Mercy are Leila Armstrong and Debbie Green. They join us to talk about the upcoming Keys to Freedom classes- groups designed to help people find freedom from anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, people pleasing, etc.

They share their heart for this form of ministry and give information on how our listeners can participate.


For more information about New Mexico for Mercy visit Home | New Mexico for Mercy

Ministry Operations Manager at Joni and Friends, Marci Patton, joins us today to give some updates about the ministry.
She details some recent retreats that Joni and Friends organized and lets us know how they went.

She then lets us know about their regular “Coffee and Care” events for caregivers, their upcoming booth at the Rio Grande Down Syndrome Buddy Walk, and their upcoming Fiesta Barn Dance.


For more information about the ministry visit New Mexico | Joni and Friends



Lenya Heitzig joins us to talk about the upcoming season of Sheologie- “A Place at His Table”. This new series will examine women in the Bible who had life-changing encounters with Jesus, and it will use their experiences to encourage women about the Lord’s love and heart for them.

See Sheologie.com for more information about this upcoming series.

Ethel Maharg is a former mayor of Cuba, New Mexico, and the director of the Albuquerque Love Life organization. She joins us today to talk about the pro-life movement in Albuquerque and her goal to partner with churches in our community who desire to minister to women considering an abortion and help them to make the decision to protect life.

UNM Head Football Coach Danny Gonzales joins us alongside Lobos Quarterback DC Tabscott and Roger Holien, who is both a devout believer as well as a superfan of LOBO FOOTBALL!
They discuss their favorite aspects of the game of football, the areas in which players are being pushed to improve, and their desire to use the game of football as an avenue to share the gospel with players.

DC shares his experiences working with coaches (including Coach Gonzales) to improve as a player, and he also shares about the ways in which his faith has impacted his football journey.

They conclude by sharing some information about upcoming LOBO games and how our listeners can help the LOBOS.