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The annual task of selecting the correct Medicare plan is made easier when you have an expert to help you wade through all the information you need to consume before making a decision. David and Carol Beth Stewart of Black BearMedicare lend their expertise to inform the ABQ Connect audience.

Bible Mission Global continues to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Central Asia, Russia and the Caucusus. U.S. Executive Director, John Sandager provides an update on the work being done. As a retired lawyer specializing in Trusts and Estate Planning, John also shares some of his knowledge so as to equip families preparing for the future.

Don’t miss this interview with a Vietnam veteran who continues to serve. Long after retiring Udell Myers has found opportunities to encourage, mentor and disciple others who have served in the United States Armed Forces through Christian Military Fellowship .

Roy Cañada (The Americas Area Director) and Deana Day (Communications Coordinator) of Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) provide details of what it takes to deliver the Word of God in audio form to various peoples in the Americas. FCBH’s “Vision 2033” information is also discussed as well as details on how to support this critical work.

Mark Hall gives us an inside look to the ministry of Casting Crowns prior to their stop in Rio Rancho for a concert including Anne Wilson and CAIN. Mark’s heart for youth is clear as well as his desire to minister during the Casting Crowns tour of their latest project, Healer.