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Carl Barrett is an author and the founder of “Monday Blues to Sunday Pews”- a ministry devoted to enticing and motivating intentional followers of Jesus to apply God’s word in their daily lives. He joins us today to talk about his heart behind the ministry, and also shares some background information on the books he has authored.

See the link below to order “God’s People Count”:

God’s People Count: Connecting God’s Dots-A Guide Through the Book of Numbers : Barrett, Carl: Amazon.com.au: Books

Desiree Woodland and Leila Armstrong share their stories as survivors of suicide. They are both committed to helping others heal and to providing community resources to help prevent suicide.

The American Federation for Suicide Prevention (www.afsp.org) and Survivors of Suicide (sosabq.org) are hosting a day of remembrance on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at Hope Church, 4710 Juan Tabo NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111, from 10 am to 3 pm. THE EVENT IS FREE. Lunch will be served. Join other survivors to honor and remember loved ones and friends who have died by suicide. Bring a photo of your loved one to display on the table. Register at: https://albuquerque-new-mexico.isosld.afsp.org/.

The New Mexico Suicide Prevention Coalition (www.nmspc.org) is a state-wide group of volunteers who focus their efforts on reducing the occurrence of suicides across our state. The Coalition is comprised of ten workgroups that focus attention on specific at-risk target populations. The Faith Communities workgroup has created a comprehensive resource guide to help in the efforts to combat the high number of suicides within New Mexico.

The goal of the Faith Community group is to distribute these important resource guides to houses of worship.  If you know of a faith community that would be open to meeting with us, we would be happy to travel to any northern community to distribute. Contact Desiree at 505-344-4343 or scrappy1231@comcast.net, or Jodie at 505 270-1940, or jodiehix7@gmail.com.

Helping the previously-incarcerated transition back into society is a largely-untapped ministry opportunity. Today, Ted Gonzales joins us to talk about “Under His Construction”- a ministry aiming to minister in just this very way. He shares updates on the work the ministry is doing and some projects currently underway.

The age of the earth is a divisive and complex issue that has achieved relevance in the Christian Church in the last few decades. Navigating this topic can be difficult, especially for those with no training in the sciences or Biblical scholarship. Today, Ray Mondragon of the Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico and the Creation Research Society’s Dr. Marshall Jordan join us to discuss the evidence for a young earth. They share how believers can make sense of this subject and communicate effectively with those who hold differing views.