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U Turn for Christ is about freedom from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions through Jesus Christ. Pastor Mike Gomez is the Director of U-Turn-For-Christ. Evangelyn is the Director of the Women’s Ministry, and she is Mike’s partner in life. God has blessed Mike and Evangelyn by helping them overcome addictions personally and giving them a ministry where they share their experience and help others be free from addiction. Evangelyn said, “I would drink recreationally, I thought. Then all of a sudden, I am taking shots just to make dinner. I have my bottle hidden in the freezer behind the fish sticks. You think you are just going to take the edge off, and suddenly it’s a life-dominating sin.

For more information about their programs and to support the program, go to https://uturnforchristnewmexico.org/.

Stefan Green is the Worship Director for Calvary Church. He and his family are from Mithell’s Plain, South Africa (A suburb of Capetown). Stefan said, “I have a personal story of my Dad walking out of our house, leaving us, and never coming back. Guess what was the most healing place for me? It was melodies; it was frequencies; it was these lyrics that breath hope and love.”

Stefan brings honesty and compassion to worship. He said, “When you understand that there is someone in the congregation who just lost their son, or there is a dad whose daughter is walking through cancer. When you understand the people you are leading; I think it changes the posture of what you bring and how you lead. Now you’re not just leading a song. Now you are leading them into hope, into faith.” Find out more about Calvary Church Worship at https://calvarynm.church/about/music/.



Pastor Kevin Miller will be speaking at Calvary Church on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, sharing with us from his book “Come Hell or High Water: Stopping at Nothing to Build the Church.” Kevin is teaching as part of the Summer Reading Series. Jenn is Kevin’s partner in Life. The book chronicles over ten years of their lives together in ministry. Listen to find out what misbehaving at Lone Tree Bible Camp, pepperoni pizza, Sandia High School Bible Club, and Pei Wei have to do with God directing their steps!

“Were we and everything in the universe created by an intelligent, all-powerful being, or all we all the product of a series of cosmic accidents?” Ray Mondragon answers questions like this and more in this episode. He is a Seminary Professor, International Bible Teacher, and Creation Science teacher and speaker. Ray provides FREE resources on his website at http://forhisglorynm.com/. He frequently contributes to the Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico http://csfnm.org/.

John Chitwood is the Owner of Southern Boulevard Automotive Repair in Rio Rancho. He is also a Teaching Assistant at Calvary College. Listeners ask for help with car questions like, “What should car owners check before traveling over the 4th of July weekend? Why do my brakes squeak when I back up? John’s experience in car repair is extensive, and he is always excited to educate car owners by giving them the best options when they need car repairs. John also brings his brand of spiritual encouragement, hoping people will consider the truth of the Bible.

Southern Blvd Automotive Repair’s phone number is 505-892-2300. They are located at 2300 Southern Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho, NM  87124.

Brian Cochran is a Certified Kingdom Advisor and the President of John Moore Associates. He said, “One of the exciting changes in the investment industry over the last several years has been the focus on having investment options available to the public that might reflect their values. That includes what we would call Biblically Responsible Investing or BRI Funds. The beauty of using fundamentals, which in our case, we use fundamentals from scripture, actual Biblical wisdom, which is beautiful because it doesn’t change, and it is timeless and transcendent.”

Brian provides FREE resources and educational information for investors on John Moore Associates‘ website at https://www.johnmoore.com/insights/.

Chip and Larissa Lusko host ABQ Connect with guest Dominic Done, Author of “When Faith Fails: Finding God in the Shadow of Doubt.”  He has recently founded a non-profit, Pursuing Faith, to help people with questions and doubts about their faith. Dominic answers these questions and more: How do we explain doubt? Where does it come from? What is the source of doubt? How do we get through times of doubt?

Detailed information is available at https://www.pursuingfaith.org/.

Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing shares his researched perspectives on the following topics: (See the Links for more information).

  1. The City of Albuquerque is handing “free” money to Planned Parenthood. https://errorsofenchantment.com/rio-grande-foundation-hits-koat-tv-to-discuss-city-council-grant-to-planned-parenthood.
  2. Meanwhile, fees on things like trash pickup are going up: https://errorsofenchantment.com/rgf-calls-out-fee-hikes-at-cabq-elsewhere/.
  3. City Council has adopted “Safe Spaces”: https://errorsofenchantment.com/abq-council-embraces-safe-outdoor-spaces-but-will-keller-get-the-homeless-out-of-parks-rights-of-way/.
  4. Helping the Homeless perspective from Pastor Mark Green, Roswell, NM: https://errorsofenchantment.com/talking-homelessness-with-pastor-mark-green-of-roswells-harvest-ministries/
  5. Pre-K is on the ballot this fall, but the best studies indicate it harms children: https://errorsofenchantment.com/the-best-study-of-pre-k-indicates-it-harms-children/.
  6. New Mexico’s awful forest fires and the far-off federal government is a poor land manager: https://errorsofenchantment.com/lefty-journalism-group-acknowledges-acts-as-feudal-lord/.
  7. Are New Mexico politicians helping to increase oil and gas prices? https://errorsofenchantment.com/five-recent-times-new-mexico-democrats-have-made-or-tried-to-make-energy-more-expensive/


John Jones is the CEO and President of LifeQuest USA Ministry. He said, “All of us need ministry! On our best days, worst days, and in-between days, we all need somebody who loves us, is there for us and walks with us.”

LifeQuest provides critical support services to help New Mexico youth overcome their past challenges and build resilience for the future. Their goal is to build relationships between the community and youth that go well beyond the schools and detention centers.

LifeQuest USA, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) public charitable organization. Giving information is available at https://lifequestusa.org/.

Bosque Home Services Owner Carlos Griego joins the show to answer questions from listeners about heating, cooling, plumbing, roofing, and fire and flood restoration. Bosque Home Services is the presenting sponsor of ABQ Connect.

Bosque Home Services‘ phone number is 505-444-7200, or find them on the web at https://www.hvacalbuquerquenm.com/.