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Brian Alarid and his wife Mercy share their hearts today about the writing of Brian’s new book, “WHEN PEOPLE PRAY, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN ORDINARY PEOPLE PRAY TO AN EXTRAORDINARY GOD? Their personal story is inspiring. They hope to encourage people by giving the ebook away for FREE. You can get a copy by downloading from Amazon or Apple Books online. For more information about the book, go to https://www.whenpeoplepray.com/.

Ray Mondragon is a Bible expositor and a teacher with Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico. Ray explains the geological data in support of the Biblical account of Noah’s Flood. The Creation Science Fellowship website is full of dynamic information to encourage you in your consideration of God’s creation. Go to https://www.csfnm.org/.

Ray’s website is an excellent source of information on creation science as well, http://forhisglorynm.com/.

Steve is the Co-Founder of McKee Wallwork and Company. He is a “Branding Expert.” He knows New Mexico, and he understands the economics and the politics involved in bringing New Mexico back to success in the world economy. My favorite quote from Steve today is, “The more transparent and humble our leaders can be during this time, the more the public will trust what they have to say.”

Steve has written two books. When Growth Stalls: How it Happens, Why You’re Stuck, and What to do about it, and Power Branding: Leveraging the Success of the World’s Best Brands. For more information, go to the McKee Wallwork & Company website.


Brian Cochran is a Certified Financial Planner with John Moore Associates. He has been the “voice of calm” for our listeners as we go through the economic challenges of COVID-19 together. Market data shows stocks (S & P 500 index) bottomed out March 23, 2020, and as of this date, it has regained about half of the losses sustained since its high point in 2020. Brian encourages our listeners to have a long term investment plan. For more information about investing, spend some time on the John Moore Associates website.

During the stay at home order, have you thought about writing a song, playing a musical instrument, or painting a landscape in watercolor?   Maybe you should try writing a poem!  Dr. Brian Nixon oversees education and publishing at Calvary Albuquerque, but he spends his time at home creating music, painting, and writing. Brian has written a new book called “Tilt: Finding Christ in Culture,” scheduled to be released in June 2020. Today on ABQ Connect, Brian shares how art connects us to God.

Take a look at the following websites to learn more:

Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA):  https://civa.org/

Mako Fujimura: https://www.makotofujimura.com/


Penwood Review:  http://www.penwoodreview.com/

Image Journal:  https://imagejournal.org/

New Mexico Composers:

Frederick Frahm: https://soundcloud.com/fmfrahm

Warner Hutchison:  https://www.crossmap.com/news/composer-on-composers-warner-hutchison-reflects-on-composers-that-helped-shape-his-music-10956

Michael Bowen: https://www.abqjournal.com/578658/spooky-music-represents-childhood-fears.html

Articles Referenced: Beauty and Creativity



Publisher for Brian’s new book:


New Mexico is number one in the nation for childhood hunger. Holly Slade is fighting to make sure our children have enough to eat through her ministry Feed New Mexico Kids. She is also one of the top realtors in Albuquerque, donating funds to feed hungry children out of every real estate commission she earns.  Holly gives us some examples of the personal touch and technology she uses to help people list and sell their homes safely and effectively during this COVID-19 pandemic. For all the information you need about residential real estate in Albuquerque, go to Holly’s website Dave Slade and Associates Realtors.

Feed New Mexico Kids needs your help to provide food for children on the weekends. Find out how you can help at FeedNMKids.com.

Steve Pearce is the Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. He served as the U.S. Representative for New Mexico’s Second Congressional District from 2003 to 2009 and from 2011 to 2019. The Congressman shares his perspective on how we can get New Mexicans back to work safely. He is very proud of the parties’ candidates running for state offices this year. I enjoy the lessons learned stories he shares from his personal life in his book, “Just Fly the Plane Stupid.” Steve closes the show with encouragement for all New Mexicans from the Word. See the New Mexico Republican Party website for more information.

Paul Gessing is the President of the Rio Grande Foundation. He explains the very real budget crisis New Mexicans may face this year. The COVID-19 shut down of businesses, oil prices dropping, and the effects of these events creating an additional revenue shortfall in gross receipts are all part of the equation. Paul has some practical suggestions for getting New Mexico back to work. He is challenging our legislators and the governor to come with budget solutions without raising taxes. For more information go to RioGrandeFoundation.org.

Judge Vance Day is the President of Promise Keepers. Dennis Poper is the Co-Chairman of New Mexico Men of Honor. On July 31 -August 1, 2020, Promise Keepers will be hosting their 2020 Men’s Conference at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Judge Day assures our listeners that the conference will go on either in the stadium or online.  No matter what, Promise Keepers is looking at this time in our history as an “opportunity.” Judge Day says, “God intends to impact the lives of men in a new way every day.”

The New Mexico Men of Honor Ministry brings men together to worship and fellowship quarterly. Dennis explains the goal is to strengthen our churches, and encourage men as they lead their families. Promise Keepers and New Mexico Men of Honor have many FREE resources available online to support men. For more information, click on the links.


Richard Mansfield is the Pastor of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque, and he also serves as the Chairman of New Mexico Prays.  Brian Alarid is the President of America Prays, and he has written a Book Called “When People Pray: What happens when ordinary people pray to an extraordinary God?” God is working through these men to bring the Christian community together in prayer. Brian is giving away copies of his book in the “EBook” form at WhenPeoplePray.com. Click on the links for more information!