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Brian Cochran reviews the following topics with us today:

  • The S&P 500 is close to its all-time high.
  • What is the world is a negative interest rate?
  • Where is the US economic recovery compared to China and other countries?
  • Minneapolis Fed President, Neel Kashkari, is advocating a full economic shutdown for up to six weeks to halt the Covid-19 spread.

Brian is a Certified Financial Planner with John Moore Associates. Additional information is available daily on the “Insights” tab at https://www.johnmoore.com/.

Spiritual Orphans Network (SON) is connecting North American believers with people living in former communist and Soviet bloc nations.  Pastor and SON Executive Director, David Breidenbach, and Director of Operations and Youth Education, Angela Breidenbach, explain the investment Spiritual Orphans Network makes in long term relationships that often lead to lives transformed in Christ.  Click on the links for information about mission trips, and other details about SON!

“There are a lot of other ways to get your message out other than through campaign spending. So while corporations and special interest groups use their money to do it, let’s not forget that the media has a first amendment right to say whatever they want, whenever they want to anybody they want. When we start talking about rich and powerful influences like spending money on elections, we seem to leave out the editorial boards, tv stations, and all of the media,” according to Steve McKee, McKee Wallwork & Co., Co-Founder/Partner. Steve is a “Branding Expert” and the author of two popular books: “Power Branding: Leveraging the Success of the World’s Best Brands,” and “When Growth Stalls: How It Happens, Why You’re Stuck, and What to Do About It.”

Steve discusses the messages we hear from our political parties, and the media as we prepare for the upcoming elections in November.

“I think we can eradicate childhood hunger in Albuquerque, and then we can go and duplicate this in other counties across the state.”  Holly Slade, Founder of Feed New Mexico Kids, shares her vision for making sure all New Mexico children have food. Click on the links for information about how you can help Feed New Mexico Kids!

For 50 years, Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home (ACCH) has been helping to raise children in a warm, loving, Christian environment. Many of these children have been abused, neglected, or abandoned before coming to ACCH. Britton Pruitt is the Director of Development for the ministry. Join the Virtual Open House and BBQ on Facebook live Saturday, August 22, 2020, at noon. Download a “Dine to Donate” coupon with Rudy’s Barbeque, so 10% of your purchases will be donated to ACCH.

Legacy Church Assistant Pastor Daniel McCabe said, “That’s a lot of what we do is help and support a lot of other great organizations like Care Net, Steelbridge, and Expect a Miracle. Last week we dedicated a Habitat for Humanity House that we funded. We like to connect with organizations that are already doing great things!” Legacy Church is full speed ahead with live services, and all of their campuses are up and running. Special precautions are taken before each service to keep everything clean and exceed the recommendations of the CDC and the New Mexico Department of Health.

Val Molina, Technology Team Leader for Legacy Church, joins Daniel in the studio with us to talk about the many ways people can fellowship, build relationships, and even pray together online.  For more information go to https://www.legacychurchnm.com/.

The Steelbridge Transformation Center Ministry is committed to giving people solutions to help them transform their lives.  Jackson Talvitie shares his journey of healing and transformation as a resident of Steelbridge. Director Travis Clark explains, “Homelessness is the result of a combination of other things, it’s the process of not being able to control your cycle of addiction, your cycle of trauma, and the cycle of poverty mindset.” Steelbridge needs volunteers and financial support. Look into the ministry at https://www.mysteelbridge.org/.

Fall high school sports in New Mexico are on hold because of COVID-19. Student-athletes, parents, and fans statewide are hoping there will be an opportunity to compete sometime this upcoming school year. Hope Christian School Boys Basketball Coach, Jim Murphy, and Lon Perry, Varsity Assistant Coach, give us perspective on the importance of high school athletics to student-athletes, parents, and coaches. Contact Jim or Lon at https://www.hopechristianschool.org/.

How are the expectations about the election, and the anxiety that accompanies it affecting the financial markets? How should investors react? These are just a couple of questions John Moore Associates Certified Financial Planner, Brian Cochran answers for us today.  Insights on the financial markets are available at https://www.johnmoore.com/.