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Clarence Washington is the Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Community Church in Albuquerque and the author of a new four-book series called “Hijacked: How Dr. King’s Dream Became a Nightmare.” He is also the author of Tools for Effective Prayer: The Mechanics, Dynamics, Contents of Prayer, and Victory Every Day in Every Way: Kingdom Living According to Nehemiah the Governor.

In this episode of ABQ Connect, Pastor Washington explains how Dr. King outlined righteousness, forgiveness, and perseverance as the Biblical methods (actions and attitudes) by which we can achieve “The Dream.”  His second book in the four-book series is called “Hijacked! How Dr. King’s Dream Became a Nightmare.” Pastor Washington clarifies how the Biblical actions and attitudes of Dr. King’s Dream have been “Hijacked,” cloaked in Black Liberation Theology, Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, Equal Rights, Reparations, Wokeism, and Cancel Culture. Pastor Washington said, “No race of people can become all God wants them to be as long as we stay separated from each other!”

Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing covers the following talking points for us: (Click on the links for more information)

  1. Biden’s vaccine mandate Executive Order, but what about unemployed and others on government benefits?
  2. New Mexico’s gusher of oil and gas money provides an estimated $8.8 billion for next year while some legislators still want to raise taxes: https://errorsofenchantment.com/nms-rosy-budget-picture-lousy-economy/. https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/new-mexico-lawmakers-eye-tobacco-tax-hike-to-curb-use/article_0aeb6658-0bfc-11ec-ab70-9bfaf987c5e9.html.
  3. What can we expect from the Legislature?
  4. Kids in masks, Biden Administration, coordinated/led pressure campaign on current policy despite abject lack of science. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/cdc-tightened-masking-guidelines-after-threats-from-teachers-union.
  5. New Mexico’s lost school year will decrease the post-educational earning potential of children from the poorest communities by 25%: https://errorsofenchantment.com/new-mexicos-lost-school-year-will-decrease-post-educational-earning-potential-of-children-from-poorest-communities-25/.
  6. A CDC study found masking kids in schools to be ineffective. https://tallahasseereports.com/2021/08/22/report-cdc-downplayed-scientific-finding-that-masks-are-not-effective-in-schools/.
  7. The public funding system for mayoral campaigns turns out to be an easily politically-manipulated debacle; https://errorsofenchantment.com/time-to-abolish-albuquerques-public-financing-system/.
  8. Elections are looming this fall. School board/city council/mayor’s race.
  9. OAK NM surveys on public school candidates; Corey De’Angelis on education reform Monday, September 20 at Albuquerque Museum: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/funding-students-instead-of-systems-the-case-for-educational-freedom-tickets-167495628935?aff=ebdsoporgprofile.
  10. Plenty of questions still on United Soccer Stadium: https://errorsofenchantment.com/journal-article-raises-good-questions-on-the-proposed-united-soccer-stadium/.
  11. More delays at Spaceport America with the FAA had put an “indefinite pause” on launches: https://errorsofenchantment.com/faa-places-indefinite-pause-on-virgin-galactic-flights-deep-safety-issues-outlined/.

Amy Allen is the Founder of R.E.A.L. Connections Ministry and the R.E.A.L. Conference. The acronym stands for Redeemed, Equipped, Accepted, and Loved. On September 11, 2021, Amy will be speaking at the Eastern Hills Baptist Church located at 3100 Morris St. NE, Albuquerque, NM  87111.  She said, “R.E.A.L. Connections is about staying connected during these trying times.” R, E, A, L Connections will be meeting Saturday again, October 16, 2021, from 10 am-noon. Cherita Lamb and Karen Hill will be leading worship with Teaching Soldier Training by Mary Arnholt and Richelle Wright. More information is available at https://www.getrealwithgod.com/.

Dawn Amdor is the President of the Del Norte Gun Club.  Located at 208 Torcido Rd, NW Rio Rancho, NM 87144, Del Norte Gun Club is one of the premier recreational shooting facilities in the entire Southwest. Incorporating world-class facilities for competitions, the Club offers family-friendly safe shooting ranges for all ages, male and female, in almost every type of firearm and archery. Call 505-933-0775 or visit their website at http://www.dngcnm.com/ for membership information, competition schedule, and hours of operation.

Dawn is an advocate for promoting shooting sports to women. She said, “More women are enjoying shooting sports! Shooting sports are something families can enjoy together.”


Dr. K.P. Yohannan is the Founder and President of GFA World. He makes an urgent appeal to Christians and their churches to pray and fast for the people of Afghanistan. He said, “Many in Afghanistan genuinely fear they will not see tomorrow. The knock-on their door could be the last they hear.” The https://www.gfa.org/pray/afghanistan/ website says, “With the Taliban regaining control in Afghanistan, the Afghan people face terror, rape and even execution. Girls are being taken as sex slaves. Men are being shot.” You can support the mission of GFA World in Afghanistan and around the world at https://www.gfa.org/.

September 11, 2021, is the 20th Anniversary of the Attack on America. Mark Chavez was an Albuquerque Fire Fighter, and Vince Harrison was a detective in the Albuquerque Police Department. Both men volunteered to go to New York City shortly after the attack on 9/11 to render assistance and help the people of New York any way they could. They will never forget the attack on America and the courageous lives of the first responders!


Justin Gibbins uses his love of hunting to encourage the people he loves, HUNTERS, by sharing his faith in the Savior he loves, JESUS.  He founded LIMITLESS OUTDOORS to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the hunting community through high-quality videos on YouTube. Andrew Pryor is the Director of Assimilation. He follows up with new believers and those who want to be discipled through the First Mile discipleship program that Limitless Outdoors offers. Men and Women in the hunting community are part of the ministry and the sport they are passionate about.

Dennis Poper is the Co-Chair for New Mexico Men of Honor. He is constantly looking to reach out to men where they are in life. The ministry hosts quarterly gatherings with speakers like Justin Gibbins.

Information about LIMITLESS OUTDOORS is available at https://limitlesshunting.com/.  Find the schedule for New Mexico Men of Honor online at https://www.nmmenofhonor.com/.

Watch Justin harvest a bear and sleep inside the bearskin to stay warm and survive the cold night on a rocky ridge here: https://youtu.be/zcwS-aPz_0M.

“I am a firm believer that food should be fun and tasty,” Jennifer Bryant said. “Food is not the enemy!” Jennifer is the owner of NourishedNutritionCounseling.com. The resources available on her website https://nourishednutritioncounseling.com/ include FREE recipes and her Food and Faith to Fuel Your Health Newsletter. Jennifer provides clients with personal Nutrition Counseling with an emphasis on a Biblical perspective to eating well.

On May 27, 2001, American Missionaries Gracia Burnham and her husband Martin had their anniversary celebration interrupted when terrorists kidnapped them in the early morning hours from their resort room in the Dos Palmas Resort on Palawan Island Phillippines. Gracia shares her story of ultimate forgiveness and hope during their year-long struggle to survive in this episode.  Her best-selling book, “In the Presence of My Enemies,” has been updated to include new information about her captors and life today in the Burnham Family.

Gracia will be speaking in Albuquerque Friday, September 3, 2021, at 7:00 pm at Hope Church. There is no charge for the event. Hope Church is located at 4710 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE. She will also be speaking at Faith Bible Church on Sunday morning, September 5, 2021. Faith Bible Church is located at 9600 Central Ave. SE. in Albuquerque. Gracia will be sharing time Sunday morning with the Sunday school children at 9:15 am and in the morning worship service at 10:30 am. More information is available about Gracia’s Ministry and her books at https://graciaburnham.org/.

Colonel James Quick (USAF Ret.) and Chief Master Sergeant Fred Bryant (USAF Ret.) are working to help spouses and children of soldiers killed or disabled in service to our country through scholarships and other assistance. Colonel Quick serves as the President of Folds of Honor New Mexico, and Cheif Master Sargeant serves on the Board of Directors. The Folds of Honor Foundation is rallying a nation to ensure no family is left behind in the fight to preserve American freedom. Colonel Quick said, “Being called upon to help a family is a Godly thing. We are very touched by the opportunity to help people who need our help to bridge the gap between a family that has suffered a devasting loss or disabling injury to fulfill the educational needs of the spouse or kids left behind.” More information about supporting the Folds of Honor New Mexico is available at https://newmexico.foldsofhonor.org/.

The Del Norte Rotary Club is a sponsor of Folds of Honor New Mexico!