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“What archeology does is provide the physical 3-dimensional material culture realty to the Bible stories,” said Dr. Steven Collins.  When it comes to interpreting archeological scientific data, “A Biblical world view changes everything,” according to Dr. Gary Byers.

Dr. Collins is the Director of Archeology and Biblical History, Ph.D. Program at Veritas International University School of Archeology, and he is the Chief Archaeologist, Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project, Jordan  – The site of the historic Sodom in the Jordan Valley. He also serves as an Acting Research Professor for Trinity Southwest University. Dr. Byers is the Dean of the College of Archaeology and Biblical History for Trinity Southwest University; Assistant Director Tall el-Hammam Excavation and the Shiloh Excavation, Israel.

Find out more about how archeology supports the Biblical record of history by visiting the Tall El Hammam Excavation website, and consider visiting the Museum of Archaeology at on the campus of Trinity Southwest University.

Stress, anxiety, and depression affect a large percentage of people around the world, including people of faith. Jesse Lusko is the Campus Pastor of Calvary Church Westside. He shares his honest story of trusting God while battling with depression for most of his life.  When he was finally diagnosed and treated for depression at the age of 27, Jesse understood his calling in ministry would be to encourage people with the same mental health challenges.  Calvary Church has people wanting to help, including Jesse. Call 505-344-0880 or go to https://calvarynm.church/.

Dr. Brian Nixon said, “There are amazing works, for example, in classical music and jazz that have a level of excellence, a level of truth to them, that make them in some respects more Christian than just planting the name Jesus on a lyric. There is something just beautiful about what they are doing!” Brian oversees publishing and education for Calvary Church Albuquerque. He is the author of Tilt: Finding Christ in Culture.

In Tilt: Finding Christ in Culture, Brian Nixon takes the reader on a voyage of discovery, traveling the currents of God’s presence in culture, summed up in four streams that define a noun: people, places, things, and ideas.


10 Minute Financial Market update with Brian Cochran for the week of July 27 – 31, 2020: The GDP numbers released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis show that the US economy contracted by almost 30% in the second quarter of 2020. With this information in mind, the financial markets dropped by less than .5%. Brian is a Certified Financial Planner with John Moore Associates. For more information, click on the links.

Stephanie Kennedy is the volunteer Chairperson of the Minority Political Engagement Group for the Republican Party of New Mexico.  Her passion for America is evident as she addresses the social unrest in our country and her perspective on the political issues of the day as a Black American woman of faith.  Stephanie is also the Republican Party Chairperson for Congressional District One. For more information about the Republican platform and candidates, go to https://newmexico.gop/. For information about the Democrat platform and candidates, go to https://nmdemocrats.org/.

When Carlos Griego was 13 years old,  he was living with his 16-year-old brother with no parental supervision. His story is inspirational as he describes how he and his brother survived taking care of each other. He is thoughtful and thankful for the way God has blessed his life. Carlos is the owner of Bosque Heating and Cooling in Albuquerque. Bosque is your one-stop-shop for heating, cooling, plumbing, roofing, and restoration services. Call 505-444-7200 for assistance or go to their website at https://www.hvacalbuquerquenm.com/.

Imagine a hot homemade biscuit with butter and strawberry preserves and a hot cup of Java for breakfast. Now imagine you make everything yourself in your kitchen! Cindy Davies is the Program Director for the New Mexico State University (NMSU) Cooperative Extension Services in Bernalillo County.  She loves to teach people how to cook!  Cindy’s team in Bernalillo County and the other 32 county offices of the NMSA Cooperative Extension Service throughout New Mexico provide practical, research-based knowledge and programs to improve the quality of life for all of us!

Call 505-243-1386 of you have questions or want free instruction in the following areas:

Yard and GardenFarm Ranch & Natural Resources4-H Youth DevelopmentIdeas for cooking and nutritionHealth, Wellness & Family Life, Food Prep, Preservation & Safety. Click on the links for more information.

Even when you have major medical insurance, it can be tough to cover out-of-pocket expenses if you have to stay in the hospital. Kevin Lorenzen is the District Sales Coordinator for AFLAC (American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus). He walks us through how “AFLAC supplemental benefits” offered through an employer can protect employees and their families at little or no cost to the company. For more information, call Kevin at 505-604-4216. Benefits for individuals are also available.

“Virgin Galactic is ready to revolutionize the way people travel,” according to Public Relations Coordinator for the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, Alice Carruth. The opportunity for regular citizens to travel into space is a vision dreamed about by generations. The dream is now close to reality. Spaceport America may soon be the launch site for the first “Spaceline” provided by Virgin Galactic.  Alice covers the following topics and more on the program today:

For more information, contact Alice Carruth by phone at 575-267-8528 or through the Spaceport America Website.

Please take ten minutes of your time to complete the 2020 Census at https://2020census.gov/. Brian Alarid is the Chairman of the Faith-Based Census Complete Count Committee for New Mexico. Brian explains why the Census is so important economically to our state, and the federal resources allocated to us over the next ten years.  For more information, go to https://2020census.gov/.