Dr. David Peercy and Brian Alarid

Dr. Peercy is the President of the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Board of Directors. Brian Alarid is the President of America Prays. The Albuquerque Public Schools is working to provide Resources for Learning at Home as our community fights the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic, https://www.aps.edu/news/coronavirus/at-home-educational-resources-for-families.

The APS team of dedicated teachers, food service employees,  and administrators are going above the call of duty to also help provide “Grab and Go Meals” for students and their families. For more information about services provided by APS while schools are closed please go to https://www.aps.edu/.

Brian Alarid is the President of New Mexico prays. He is a frequent contributor to ABQ Connect. Brian encourages our listeners to trust God in this difficult time, He also asks all of us to be generous and give to a charity like Feed New Mexico Kids to make sure everyone has food during this difficult time.  For information about New Mexico Prays go to https://www.americaprays.org/newmexico/.



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