Lenya Heitzig

Reload Love provides trauma relief, medical supplies, academic programs & safe spaces (specifical playgrounds) for children who have been victimized by terrorism. Lenya Heitzig is the Founder of Reload Love. She is also the Director of the SHEOLOGIE Women’s Ministry at Calvary Church. Lenya said, “I have learned with Reload Love, If you can restore normalcy as quickly as possible to these kids, you have a better hope of them recovering from trauma.” The  “Love Bomb” fundraiser is taking place on February 13th thru February 14th, but you can give a financial gift of any amount all month long at Star88.fm/knkt.com. My favorite quote from Lenya in this episode, “Bullets and Babies, don’t mix.”  The money raised during this February LOVE BOMB event will be used to build a sports complex to support the reach of evangelical soccer programs in northern Nigeria. Give here to help Reload Love https://reloadlove.com/love-bomb/.

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