Larissa Lusko and Dr. Gary Byers

Larissa Lusko is the Dean of Women’s Studies and Christian Leadership with Trinity Southwest University. She is also the Director of Media Relations for Tall el-Hammam Excavation in Jordan. Dr. Gary Byers is the Dean of the College of Archaeology and Biblical History for Trinity Southwest University, and he is the Assistant Director of the Tall el-Hammam Excavation. Gary also supports the Shiloh Excavation in Israel as the Assistant Director.

Jordan has restricted travel into the country because of COVID-19, but the work continues at Tall el-Hammam. The excavation is the site of the ancient city of Sodom destroy by “brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven.” Genesis 19:24

Go to for more information about joining the “Inner Circle Partners” and joining the excavation team to dig in 2022. Dr. Gary and Larissa talk about how the science uncovered at both Tall el-Hammam and Shiloh supports the Bible’s historicity.

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