Jim Williams & Pastor Brian Nixon

Dr. Brian C. Nixon talks with Jim today about his new book Tilt: Finding Christ in Culture. Brian loves the arts, including painting, music, sculpture, poetry, theater, and literature. Tilt teaches us to observe our culture with a lens that sees the beauty, joy, and presence of God if we listen and look close enough.

T – Take the Time. To appreciate a cultural event or something in the world—be it nature, art, music, architecture, dance, poetry, drama, a lecture, etc.

I – Investigate. Once you have taken the time to participate, investigate the person behind the event or piece of art. Familiarize yourself with their worldview and philosophy of life.

L – Listen. Once you’ve carved out time and investigated a cultural event, stop and listen to what those around you are saying about it.

T – Tell. After taking time, investigating, and listening, tell others what you learned—become a learner by teaching.





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