Deon Elmore

Dion is the Vice-President of the National Day of Prayer. He is a visionary leader, and is passionate about equipping, encouraging, and engaging the church, and individual believers in passionate, effective, fervent prayer.

Prior to joining the National Day of Prayer Task Force, he served as a senior pastor, was a leader in both Fortune 500 corporations and in small-business, specializing in leadership, creative strategy, and marketing. Dion served for several years with Focus on the Family, and worked on the creative development and marketing of a wide variety of films, books, magazines, and programming, including the popular Adventures in Odyssey series. He was also a pioneer in Focus on the Family’s International efforts, working to establish ministry outreaches in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore.

Dion is a gifted teacher and speaker, and co-author of the book  The Front Line (A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle). He is married to Brenda and resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

He joins us today to talk about this year’s National Day of Prayer.


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