Bev Rich & Chip Lusko

The Called Christian’s mission is to make disciples who make disciples through evangelism, education, health, and publishing. Beverly (Bev) Rich is the Director of Called Christian’s. Called Christians is a well-rooted diverse outreach in Jinja, Uganda. Situated on a 2 + acre compound that serves as headquarters for robust ministries, including:

  • The Bridge Calvary Chapel Church building
  • School of Ministry
  • Conferences for Pastor’s, Wives, and Christian leaders
  • Leadership training
  • Gateway ministry for food and medical supplies
  • Prison Bible studies  for men and women
  • Prison gifts of blankets, medicine, and food
  • Slum Ministry
  • Medical support
  • Hospital visits
  • Juvenile support for school fees
  • Youth ministry and conferences

Taking care of prisoners is difficult. Bev said, “The main prison was built for 400 men, and they have 1600 men living there. They lie side by side like firewood. That was one of the reasons for the big blanket donation at the end of last year. If the prisoners have a blanket, they can cover themselves, and they don’t have to huddle together and spread skin diseases and TB.”

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