Steve McKee

“There are a lot of other ways to get your message out other than through campaign spending. So while corporations and special interest groups use their money to do it, let’s not forget that the media has a first amendment right to say whatever they want, whenever they want to anybody they want. When we start talking about rich and powerful influences like spending money on elections, we seem to leave out the editorial boards, tv stations, and all of the media,” according to Steve McKee, McKee Wallwork & Co., Co-Founder/Partner. Steve is a “Branding Expert” and the author of two popular books: “Power Branding: Leveraging the Success of the World’s Best Brands,” and “When Growth Stalls: How It Happens, Why You’re Stuck, and What to Do About It.”

Steve discusses the messages we hear from our political parties, and the media as we prepare for the upcoming elections in November.

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