Scott Simkins

Pitre Buick GMC and Pitre KIA in Albuquerque, and Pitre KIA in Las Cruces are just three of many automotive dealerships in New Mexico impacted by the COVID-19 State Public Health orders.   Businessman Scott Simkins, Chief Operating Officer for Pitre Automotive Group, said, “What people in New Mexico want to hear is it’s time to go back to work. Going back to work may not look like going back to work a year ago. Let’s go back to work with some new common-sense precautions. I believe there are ways to open for business, not just in New Mexico, but everywhere sensibly. We seem to have lost the ability to apply common sense.” For information about Pitre Buick GMC and Pitre Kia, click on the links or call (505) 898-1333.

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