Santi & Avery Llanes with Abby Williams

Dating before and after marriage with the romance and intention of Valentine’s Day is our focus on this episode of ABQ Connect. Pastor Santiago (Santi) Llanes oversees SPCTRM Student Ministries for Calvary Church. His wife, Averi, adds more flavor to the discussion about how she started dating Santi and their life as a married couple. Assistant Production Manager of KLYT, Abby Williams, joins the conversation to address the topic from a single person’s perspective.

Averi said, “You want to be sexually attracted to the person you are going to be married to, and you don’t need to be guilty about that.” Abby added, “It is important to use your single season to find out what you are meant for. What is your purpose in life?” Santi said, “God’s sole intention for your life is not only for you to be married. That is not his main goal. His main goal is for you to be like Him.”

Romance is alive and well. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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