Ray Mondragon

Ray Mondragon is a teacher with the Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico and Chafer Theological Seminary. If you have questions about the actual “science” claimed by evolutionists, Ray has some answers for you.  For example, according to some scientists, “Mutation is the engine of evolution in that it generates the genetic variation on which the evolutionary process depends.” Ray says, “Mutations are not an adequate mechanism to make evolution work because they are:”

1. Rare – (not occurring very often)
2. Unpredictable – (no regular pattern of development)
3. Harmful – (life is harmed)
4. Genetic Burden – (disease occur as a result of inherited traits)
5. Pathological – (nature of a physical or mental disease)
6. Rejection – (no reproduction)
7. Information Loss – (Components of DNA are lost, not gained)

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