Ray Mondragon

Have you ever heard of polystrate fossils? They are fossils of a single organism (like a tree) that extend through more than one layer of the geologic column. Creation Science Fellowship teacher Ray Mondragon explains how paleontological evidence like polystrate fossils supports the biblical story of a worldwide flood.

The following educational resources are available at ForHisGloryNM.com. 

  1. Science and Scripture Seminar: http://www.forhisglorynm.com/index.php/creation-science/science-and-the-scriptures-seminar
  1. Talks on the Genesis Flood can be found from talks #04 & #05 at the link above plus the following links.

talk #01 – http://www.forhisglorynm.com/index.php/creation-science/2016-hoffmantown-creation-seminar

talk #02 – http://www.forhisglorynm.com/index.php/creation-science/2014-nwc-creation-seminars

talk #06 – http://www.forhisglorynm.com/index.php/creation-science/creation-science-fellowship-nm-talks-csfnm

talks #06 thru #10 – http://www.forhisglorynm.com/index.php/creation-science/friday-study-group

  1. Bibliography (brief descriptions of books and key websites).


  1. Young universe websites.

Institute for Creation Science (ICR) – ICR.org

Answers in Genesis (AiG) – AnswersinGenesis.org

Creation Ministries International – Creation.com

John Baumgardner website – GlobalFlood.org

Creation Science Fellowship of NM – csfnm.org


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