Peter Martin and Family

Peter Martin is an Associate Pastor at Calvary Christian Fellowship in Tucson, AZ. He is the author of “Rooted in Sin: Rescued By Love” and “The Fellowship of Suffering.” He teaches about living the Christian life and issues of sexuality, trauma, and hope. Peter said, ” (In our ministry, Running Light) We teach men and women to produce a culture of accountability and confession to help them deal with their issues. Two-thirds of all men view pornography. One-third of all women.”

It is common today to hear from women that their husbands demand demeaning sexual situations from them that are not Biblical. Peter said, “If your husband is looking at you saying your body is mine, you have to do what I want sexually-that is not Biblical. That is not what first Corinthians 7 is talking about. It’s a sacrificial passage where the husband is supposed to look at you and say, my body is for your betterment.”

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