Paul Gessing

Click on the following links for more details on these topics discussed with Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing:

  1. Rio Grande Foundation Public Policy ideas are for New Mexico.
  2. Do Politicians actually listen?
  3. A new national report gives MLG poor marks on pandemic performance:
  4. MLG extends the health emergency yet again to May 16:
  5. Biden Administration increases royalties and scales back leases on federal lands, including an 80% reduction in leases in New Mexico:
  6. The special session results in tax “rebates.” Thinly veiled scheme to assist the Gov. in getting reelected. $250/$500 by June 30 depending on single/couple filing status, with a second check coming in August. These are “refundable” credits. Cost: $220 million. Illegal immigrants, those who don’t file taxes, and seniors will receive checks, and their share will come out of the $20 million.
  7. The Legislature denied her funding, but MLG announced she’d spend $500,000 on a 75% fare reduction for the Rail Runner anyway:
  8. Why is the Biden Administration coming after Charter Schools? :
  9. KOAT story on RGF’s successful IPRA suit and the constant flow of tax dollar payments for denied public records:
  10. Union-backed mayor Keller vetoes bill that would have restored market forces to public works projects:
  11. RGF speaker series with Daniel Suhr, one of the nation’s top legal experts on limited government and emergency powers.
    Thursday, May 5th, from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm at Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North. Tickets are available now! Early bird pricing is here until May 2nd.
    RSVP: The price includes plated lunch.

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