Paul Gessing

Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing reviews the results of the New Mexico 55th Legislative Session and the following topics:

  1. The Rio Grande Foundation Freedom Index results are in: This is good information for voters.
  2. Legislature bill signing:
  3. New Mexico’s unemployment has recovered the least among US states since COVID 19:
  4. New Mexico also has the HIGHEST unemployment rate among states: 5.9 %, not counting the decreasing Labor Force Participation Rate.
  5. With high gas prices, how is the Biden Administration keeping energy prices high?
  6. Energy: Lack of leases on federal lands (impacting New Mexico particularly). Outer continental shelf/ANWR are other options. Reduce regulations, encourage rather than discourage investment in the industry.
  7. Department of Energy: natural gas is the most affordable way to heat your home:
  8. New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich says, “Cooking on your stove is like letting your babysitter smoke in your house.”
  9. ABQ City Council ends the plastic bag ban.
  10. Rising spending and declining student population put APS spending into record territory (nearly $23,000 per pupil):

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