Paul Gessing

Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing is on top of public policy and politics in New Mexico. His websites ( and are an excellent resource for voters to educate themselves on issues facing their communities and our state. Paul addresses the following and more in this episode of ABQ Connect:

  1. The Second Session of the 55th Legislature is about to begin on January 18, 2021.
  2. What does the public need to know about the Governors’s proposed budget for New Mexico in 2022?
  3. How much does the Oil and gas industry add to the New Mexico economy? (jobs, taxes, and permanent funds). ($5.3 billion in revenue for state and local governments in the 2021 fiscal year – a 12% increase over 2020) (
  4. How is the “Science” of “lockdowns” and mask mandate working out for New Mexico compared to other states in the country?
  5. COVID was both man-made AND leaked from a lab, and Fauci lied about it:
  6. Locked down, New Mexico now has more deaths per population according to World o Meters than South Dakota. And, we’ll soon catch up to much-maligned but ALSO free Florida
  7. The voting bill is bad news: it would extend the early voting period to the Sunday before election day, creating a permanent absentee voter list, automatically registering people to vote with a transaction at the MVD, allowing electronic signatures for nominating petitions, creating a straight-party ballot option. It would also allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in local elections, like school board elections.
  8. A former CFO filed a lawsuit over alleged fraud totaling $200 million. (Allegations are against Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Attorney General Hector Balderas, New Mexico State Auditor Brian Colón, Economic Development Cabinet Secretary Alicia Keys, and current managers at Spaceport America.”

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