Paul Gessing

Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing talks about early voting and the following topics with links for detailed information:

  1. Expanded early voting has begun. Go vote! Paul did, and there was no line.
  2. Information about school board candidates:
  3. Information about Albuquerque City Election:
  4. Why are you against taxpayer funding for the United Stadium? All the ads say it will not increase our taxes.
  5. Have you heard a solid plan from any of the Mayoral Candidates about reducing crime in Albuquerque?
  6. MLG extends the indoor mask mandate through November 12.
  7. David Scrase said masks could be mandated for 2-3 more years.
  8. Only six states, including NM, currently have universal mask mandates: WA, OR, HI, NM, IL, and LA
  9. Will MLG mandate vaccines for Lobo/Aggie basketball games?
  10. More Americans have now died from COVID under Biden than under Trump; Dr. Michael Oterholm, Biden’s former COVID advisor, says, “We’ve ascribed far too much human authority over the virus.”
  11. New Mexico State Fair attendance for years 2018-2021: How does the rest of the State feel about the NEW MEXICO STATE FAIR?
  12. Oil, natural gas prices skyrocket. Rumors of coal’s death are greatly exaggerated with prices up 318% on the year + NM’s impending energy crisis? The UK decides to build 16 modular nuclear reactors:
  13. CRT-laden social studies standards put forth by PED (comments needed), PED secretary claims NM needs to double teacher salaries to make them competitive:
    1. Does the PED have any accountability for what they do (don’t do)?
    2. Let’s take a sample of the past ten years. Where does New Mexico rank in Education and childhood welfare?


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