Paul Gessing

Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing brings us up to date on New Mexico’s public policy and politics affecting education and the economy.  Follow the links below for more background information on each topic:

1. Kids Count 2021: the data are sound, but the spin is not:

2. Also, when’s the last time someone discussed NM’s high rate of single parenthood (a variable in the report).

3. And, where are the media and other advocacy groups talking about the amount of classroom time lost by New Mexico kids or the fact that, as of right now, our children will be among the few states that have to wear masks in classrooms as school begins this fall:

4. NM experienced among the highest rates of the shift to homeschooling during the pandemic:

5. Other states have been moving swiftly ahead with school choice. Here are a few examples:

6. Sen. Heinrich is coming after your gas appliances:

7. New Mexico is now funding both sides of the employment situation (we have the 2nd-highest rate in the nation):

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