Paul Gessing

The mission of the Rio Grande Foundation is to increase liberty and prosperity for all of New Mexico by informing citizens of the importance of individual freedom, limited government, and economic opportunity. Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing covers the following topics in today’s episode:

  1. Wallet Hub: 2021’s Best States to Live in: “New Mexico is 50 out of 50 states.” Adam McCann, Financial Writer Jun 15, 2021:
  2. MLG claims success fighting COVID; the truth is not nearly as pretty:
  3. A federal judge finds federal oil/gas moratorium illegal:,
  4. Conflicting letters from the Legislature regarding energy:,
  5. NM Governor announces she’ll push for a “green” fuel mandate:
  6. “Free” buses in Albuquerque?”
  7. Will Branson try to one-up Bezos by going to space on July 4 weekend?
  8. RGF censored on Facebook:
  9. The Biden Administration wants your kids:

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