Paul Gessing

Paul Gessing is the President of  The Rio Grande Foundation. He helps us navigate the constantly changing political landscape in New Mexico with sound research and monthly updates on ABQ Connect. Weekly email updates from The Rio Grande Foundation are available FREE of charge by simply subscribing at  Paul provides his insights into the following topics with links to his research and additional information:

1. Grocery store lines and the latest relating to COVID 19 in New Mexico with the red/yellow/green situation.

2. It appears at this point that Gov. Lujan Grisham WILL NOT be part of the Biden Administration. Will any other New Mexico politicos wind up in Washington? Deb Haaland, perhaps? We should briefly discuss what a prospective Biden Administration would mean for New Mexico:

3. What happened during the special session?

5. The Netflix deal would make Billy the Kid blush:

6. According to Wallet hub, New Mexico’s unemployment situation is as bad as any state’s:

7. As the evidence mounts for having students in the classroom, New Mexico’s school situation makes no sense:

8. New Mexico lags in economic freedom index put out by Canadian think tank:


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