Paul Gessing

One good way to prepare to vote in the general election beginning with early voting on October 17 and ending November 3, 2020, is to listen to Paul Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation. Paul does not have all the answers, but he presents innovative ideas about how New Mexico can work through its economic challenges. Click on the links for more information. These are the topics Paul covers on the program today:

  1. On October 13, 2020, rollbacks were announced by the Governor to take effect on Friday the 16th.
  2. The city’s recycling program is having issues. The Mayor’s budget calls for a 5.5% increase. I can discuss this extensively: Budget meeting with the City Council on October 19th.
  3. Journal Article, 09-27-2020 City recycling is more expensive because China is charging more to process recyclables sent to them.
  4. Mayor Keller attempts to hide golf course costs by merging them into the budget
  5. Does it mean that city golf courses operate as “enterprise funds” in terms of the budget?
  6. What ideas have been implemented worldwide to improve golf courses’ management to make them profitable and self-sustaining?
  7. CA’s gov. just banned gas vehicles, but a year ago, MLG said NM was going to 52 MPG.
  8. Should talk broadly about the election and what is at stake. We don’t dive into many federal issues, but the Supreme Court of the US issue is one:

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