Paul Gessing

Paul Gessing

Paul Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation, covers the latest in politics and public policy affecting New Mexicans. The following topics and links to additional information are covered on the show today:

  1. How are New Mexico Restaurant Owners responding to the Governor’s revised public health order?
  2. Her opinion piece from Sunday’s ABQ Journal:
  3. Unemployment in New Mexico:
  4. Are the mandates for renewable energy sources feasible for PNM and New Mexico?
  5. What is happening with “renewable” energy in California and El Paso?  This article appeared in the Las Cruces paper, but the issue is relevant for PNM customers as well:
  6. Are these so-called “green” renewable energy sources reliable?,
  7. New Mexico’s government employees are being given the choice to opt-out of their unions, and large numbers of state employees are doing just that:
  8. We can talk about APS going online through the end of 2020.
  9. Broadband is a big issue for New Mexico students these days. Here are some ideas for improving access. Thi

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