Pastors Steve Smothermon and Daniel McCabe

Steve Smothermon is the Senior Pastor of Legacy Church in Albuquerque. Assistant Pastor Daniel McCabe joins him to encourage our listeners. Pastor Steve outlines how the church is reaching out to its members through technology, including the old fashioned phone call. Daniel appeals to our listeners in need of assistance to call Legacy Church at 505-831-0961. Information is also available online at

These are some of the other topics we discuss in today’s show:

  1. Why did Legacy Church file suit against the State of New Mexico?
  2. How is Legacy Church reaching out to the community? (i.e., Steel Bridge, Expect a Miracle, Feed New Mexico Kids, etc.)
  3. Christians should vote!
  4. All Services are streamed live and archived online:
  5. How can our listeners help with the work at Legacy Church?

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