Mike Howell

Mike Howell is a Senior Advisor for Government Relations at the Heritage Foundation. Blue states around America are suddenly withdrawing “mask mandates,” and Mike says, “It tells you that “mid-terms” are coming up and they see the writing on the wall. Nothing has changed in (so-called) science that they “have relied” on for so long and followed.”

Mike also discusses “cancel culture” in America. He said, “Cancel Culture is one of the worst phenomenons of recent years. It’s ruined countless lives, and it’s done a lot of damage to individuals. It’s made people fearful to speak up and engage as active citizens. When you are faced with losing your job or being pushed out of your community or these other ways people will come after you, people retreat and don’t get involved. That space gets filled by these loudest, biggest progressive voices, and that is not the way this country was set up to be run.”



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