Mike and Evangelyn Gomez

U Turn for Christ is about freedom from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions through Jesus Christ. Pastor Mike Gomez is the Director of U-Turn-For-Christ. Evangelyn is the Director of the Women’s Ministry, and she is Mike’s partner in life. God has blessed Mike and Evangelyn by helping them overcome addictions personally and giving them a ministry where they share their experience and help others be free from addiction. Evangelyn said, “I would drink recreationally, I thought. Then all of a sudden, I am taking shots just to make dinner. I have my bottle hidden in the freezer behind the fish sticks. You think you are just going to take the edge off, and suddenly it’s a life-dominating sin.

For more information about their programs and to support the program, go to https://uturnforchristnewmexico.org/.

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