Marcy Patten and Brian Bell (US Marine Ret.)

Joni and Friends’ Warrior Getaways are for combat-wounded veterans and their families. Marcy Patten is the New Mexico Ministry Operations Manager for Joni and Friends and the Organizer of the Warrior Getaway Camp.  Marine Veteran Brian Bell has attended a “Warrior Getaway,” and he now serves as the Area Director for the Joni and Friends Arizona office. Joni and Friends are actively recruiting veterans to take advantage of the rest and renewal they and their families will experience attending a Joni and Friends Warrior Getaway.

Marcy said, “Warriors Getaways are designed to help combat-wounded veterans and their families have a respite place, a place of healing, and a place to work through some of the things they are dealing with coming back from war. The nice thing about our Getaway is it is not just for the Warrior; it is also for the spouse and the children, allowing them to work through all of it together.”

The next New Mexico Warrior Getaway is August 3, 2021 – August 7, 2021. Contact Marcy with Joni and Friends at (505) 835-5263 or on the web

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